Wildest Adventure Travel Destinations in Africa

In the world of adventure traveling, Africa is some kind of gigantic mecca. This huge and mysterious land has attracted generations of explorers and even though today one can enjoy the benefits of mobile phones and GPS devices, an African adventure is by no means a risk free experience. But that’s exactly the right amount of mystery and adrenaline, otherwise it wouldn’t be called an adventure tour, isn’t it?
The vast savannas, deserts and rain forest with their diverse wildlife can all account for the wildest adventure travel destinations in Africa. Make it wild animals, strenuous hikes or endless deserts, there are plenty of challenges you might encounter in your adventure tour. Today we’ll try to focus one some very popular destinations where one can enjoy an adventure travel tour:


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From immemorial times, the Sahara desert has been both frightening and appealing. While the most common dangers are scorpion bites, sand storms and dehydration, many adventurers will consider these to be minor advantages compared with the beauty of an orange Saharan sunset. A several hour tour on the back of a camel is what most tourists will experience in Africa, but you’ll also be able to find 4X4 adventures, caravan tours and even guided hikes which will take you deep into the heart of Sahara, among Bedouins and green oasis.


Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa and the absolute must for high altitude adventurers. Even though a summit expedition cannot be compared to climbing the Everest (it’s incomparably more accessible), climbing as high as 5895 meters above sea level is not easy. Be prepared for frost, altitude sickness, strong winds and, most of all, try to be as fit as possible.

Uganda Rainforest

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A man with a kaki panama hat trying to open up a trail through the luxuriant rainforest – this is probably the image that most people have in mind when thinking about African adventures. This is very close to what you’ll experience when booking a gorilla tracking tour in Uganda. It’s one of the most expensive safari tours, but also a once in a life time opportunity to see the rare and fascinating mountain gorillas.

Zambezi River

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The river Zambezi in the southern part of Africa is mostly associated with the impressive falls that form in the lower part of its course: the Victoria Falls. Depending on the different types of geographic features it crosses, the Zambezi can be either fast and furious, or calm and slower than a turtle. Kayaking, rafting and canoeing tours are all available along the Zambezi.

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