What to do in Mombasa

old town Mombasa©François Terrier/Flickr

As Kenya’s second largest city, Mombasa receives plenty of attention. Mombasa is a multicultural city with a very active nightlife and plenty of historic places to visit. A major port at the Indian Ocean, Mombasa  is known for its picturesque old quarters. Not to mention that Mombasa’s beaches are some of the best in the whole Indian Ocean region! If happen to be around this beautiful Kenyan city any time soon, here are some tips and suggestions on what to do in Mombasa:


If there is one city or town in Kenya where sightseeing is a mandatory activity, that is certainly Mombasa. Mombasa’s long existence as a port and its intricate history are mostly visible in the city’s architecture, a blend of Africa, Islamic and European influences (especially Portuguese). The markets and central residential areas are particularly beautiful  – especially the part known as the ‘Old Town’.


white sand beach©malczyk/Flickr

With their fine white sands and clean waters, the beaches of Mombasa offer all the premises for a picture-perfect beach escape. Whitesand, Pirathes and Bamburi are some of the most popular beaches. There are also numerous activities to engage in during your staying at the beach: fishing, riding a buggie or a camel or bulldozing are just a few of them. If you don’t like these popular beaches, you can also explore the smaller, less known beaches around Mombasa.


A trip to Mombasa is incomplete without a taste of the city’s proverbial nightlife. An evening out starts with a nice dinner (your choice of an Indian, Arabic, Fusion, European or traditional Kenyan restaurant) and ends up in one of the lively nightclubs (Pirates, Il Covo, Bora Bora). As any respectable port, Mombasa also has an industry of gambling, with several casinos stretching along the beach. But keep in mind that until you haven’t attended a real African party you cannot say you know anything about Kenya.



Last but not last, Mombasa makes a great starting point for a safari trip. There are some smaller parks or reservations (haller Park is just one example) that are situated very close to Mombasa, however the gorgeous Tsavo East Park is just a few hours drive from Mombasa.  Like the rest of Africa’a major safari destinations, Tsavo hosts many of the most beautiful and feared animals on earth, like lions, hippos, elephants or buffaloes. You can also extend your trip with a staying at one of the nice game lodges in the area.

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