Visitor’s Guide to Chobe National Park

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One of Africa’s favourite safari destinations, Chobe is a nature reserve and major tourist attraction in Botswana. Chobe is not the biggest nature reserve in Botswana, but it is certainly the most diverse in terms of wildlife. It’s also the number one location for spotting elephants. Those interested in a wildlife safari around Chobe will find all the essential details in this visitor’s guide to Chobe National Park:

Chobe National Park – Location and best times to visit

Chobe is located in the north-eastern part of Botswana, neigbourng another famous natural attraction, the Okavango Delta, at west. While Chobe is open all year round, most guides will recommend to visit the park during the dry season, which is May to October. However, both seasons have their advantages: while chances to see wildlife are much higher during the dry season, there will be much more green vegetation and much pleasant temperatures during the rainy season.

Chobe National Park – Transportation to and around the park

The closest airport to Chobe is the one in Livingstone (in Zambia) – a trip that usually lasts around 2 to 3 hours. There are several types of transportation available around the park. 4×4 safari vehicles are probably the most common way to travel around Chobe, but taking a cruise along Chobe river is also a popular choice with tourists. If you’re the DIY kind of person, you can also rent a vehicle and explore the park yourself.

Chobe National Park – Accommodation

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Accommodation is not a problem around Chobe, the only really question is how fancy do you want the place to be. There are fabulous luxury safari lodges around Chobe, providing the whole range of amenities that you would expect from a five star hotel. Those going in a several day safari trip will spend at least one day in a tent or one of the original mobile camps.

Chobe National Park – Activities and Attractions

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Due to the fact that Chobe consists partially of grasslands, partially of marshes, it makes a perfect elephant habitat. This also explains the several hundred species of birds that live in the park. Frequently spotted animals are hippos, impala, leopards, lions, giraffes or hyenas.

Safaris might be the most popular activity in Chobe, but it’s not the only one. Some prefer fishing, or taking a cruise along Chobe river. Horse safaris are an original alternative to the 4X4 safari trip. For a more relaxing activity, head for the Kasane Hot Springs.

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