Tours and Attractions in Atlas Mountains

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Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco have a lot in common: the Roman heritage, the blend of Mediterranean lifestyle and Islamic tradition, delicious cuisine and luxurious hotels. But most of all, these three North-African countries share the magnificent Atlas Mountains.
Situated in the north-western extremity of the African continent, the Atlas represent one of the major mountain ranges in Africa. Due to their proximity to Europe, the mountains have been inspiring legends, stories and adventurous itineraries for thousands of years. Today, there are plenty of tours and attractions in Atlas Mountains that an outdoorsy wanderer with a sense of adventure might enjoy. The mountains represent a favorite hiking and trekking destinations but also a unique opportunity to meet rare species of animals and plants and witness breathtaking views. Here are some traveling ideas and tips regarding these legendary mountains:

Activities and Popular Tours in Atlas Mountains

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As I said before, trekking and hiking are the most popular activities in Atlas Mountains. Mountain biking can also be practiced here, but those looking for more authentic experiences can also book a guided tour with mules and all the rest. The highest peaks are fit for climbing, but they are not as challenging as the famous volcanoes Kenya and Kilimanjaro. A very common activity in Atlas Mountains is skiing: there are several ski resorts, of which Michlifen is by far the biggest and most popular.

Attractions in Atlas Mountains

Their unique eco-systems and magnificent peaks make Atlas Mountains particularly charming.

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The average height of these mountains is around 2500 meters, but highest peaks can surpass 3000 meters. A great attraction near Atlas Mountains is the Moroccan city of Marrakech. Marrakech is a historic city and cultural center of amazing diversity, and it if often considered as the main gateway towards Atlas Mountains. There are also a number of picturesque mountain towns such as Ifrane, Boulmane, Sefrou or Khenifra.
The landscape of Atlas Mountains consists of sharp peaks, old alpine forests, plateaus, spectacular gorges and tumultuous mountain rivers. The proximity of Europe has had an interesting influence over Atlas Mountains’ eco-systems. Here one could find bears and badgers along with the macaque, leopard and lion. Unfortunately, many of these species have gone extinct – however, if you are lucky enough, you might still be able to take a glimpse of the Barbary Macaque, a species of monkey endemic to this zone. The dominating plant species in Atlas Mountains are trees like cedar, oak and pine.

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