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bistro Marrakesh

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As Morocco’s top destination, Marrakesh awaits visitors with priceless historic sites, busy souks and an amazing cultural blend. Marrakesh is also a favorite destination for luxury-seekers. Its hotels and resorts combine the charm and hospitality of Morocco with Occidental quality standards. With its delicious mix of spicy and sweet flavors, Moroccan cuisine is itself an asset of this country, and in no other part of Morocco will you find such a varied offer than in Marrakesh. Hence today’s article about top restaurants in Marrakesh:

Dar Moha

If you are looking for a luxurious restaurant which specializes in traditional Moroccan cuisine, then Dar Moha is the right place for you. This classy restaurant in Marrakesh run by chef Moha serves delicious traditional foods such as lamb or seafood tagine, fluffy couscous or eggplant salad. The atmosphere is exquisite, with several beautifully decorated rooms, a heated garden terrace for serving dinner outdoors and live Oriental music. Dar Moha also prides on its salad menu, which contains over a dozen fresh and delicious salads.


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Chez Chegrouni

When it comes to choosing the best Morrocan restaurant in Marrakesh, opinions are divided. Nevertheless, no one will deny that Chez Chegrouni is one of the best, not only in terms of the food served here but also for the exclusive view. With a brilliant location in the heart of Marrakesh medina, the restaurant offers classic Morrocan dishes, cooked to perfection by a Michelin awarded chef.

pancakes and juice

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Patisserie Al-Jawda

Al-Jawda might be just a ‘patisserie’, but the name of this magical place becomes irrelevant once you step inside. If you were ever doubting that Moroccan sweets are as delicious and diverse as advertised by travel guides, then here’s your chance to indulge in traditional pastries, dried fruit and honey-based sweets. Together, the patisserie serves almost 200 different types of sweet and salty products, more than enough choices for a filling meal and definitely enough to make you fall in love with Moroccan cuisine.

Al Fassia

The Al Fassia restaurant in Marrakesh is the kind of place that you need to book well in advance if really you want get a bite of its gourmet dishes. The unique combination of spices, vegetables and meats served here are indeed mouthwatering. Also, the fact that the whole personnel consists in women and that serving portions are huge make the Al Faissia restaurant even more appealing. What else can it be said, other than “Bon Appetit!”?

bistro Marrakesh

fancy restaurant Marrakesh ©rickpilot_2000/Flickr

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