Top five touristic destinations in Morocco

Draa Valley ©travelinknu/Flickr

The combination of desert, sea, mountains, together with its incredible cultural heritage make Morocco one of the preferred destinations for those traveling in North Africa. If you are interested in visiting Morocco’s historic cities, proverbial souks and mysterious oases, then rest assure that these are far from desert chimeras: Morocco’s attractions are numerous and its culture authentic. So to give you just an idea of Morocco’s touristic potential, here are the unmissable, top five touristic destinations in Morocco:


Morocco’s royal city, Marrakesh enchants tourists with true masterpieces of Islamic architecture,  colorful souks, luxurious hotels and hundreds of shops, all set against the distant, snow-capped ridges of Atlas Mountains. Marrakesh medina (old town) is packed with attractions of all types, from old mosques, palaces and royal tombs, to the numerous souksand its large central square, an ongoing urban fair.

Marakesh Museum ©nikos.moumouris/Flickr


Those passionate about Moorish and Islamic architecture, and history in general, should definitely make Fes part of their journey. There was a time when Fes too was a flourishing medieval city, and luckily for us, many of its mosques, public squares, fortifications and gates have remained almost intact. Also not to miss in Fes are its souks selling the best spices, hand-made ceramics and Berber rugs, as well as the famous roof-top terraces.

lanterns at the souk ©a little azorean/Flickr

Draa valley

Morroco might be famous for its cities, but the country also happens to have some really spectacular natural monuments. As the river Draa travels across mountains and the desert, it creates phenomenal landscapes. Traveling from oasis to oasis you will discover ancient murals, medieval kasbahs (fortresses) and the green terraced hills covered by date groves.

Draa Valley ©travelinknu/Flickr


Within less than an hour’s drive from Fes you can visit the old town of Meknes. The palaces, gates, mosques and private residences in this former imperial city have been wonderfully preserved. You will admire some of the most delicate, stone-carved arabesques and marvel at the impressive mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, the city’s most important ruler and the initiator of many architectural projects.


I would personally pick the coastal city of Essaouira as the last stop in my Moroccan adventure. Cosmopolitan and sophisticate, Essaouira is home to a UNESCO registered medina, but also known for its beaches. This is the perfect spot to heal your tired feet, sip some freshly brewed mint tea on a seaside terrace and try to master the waves on top of your surf or windsurfing board.

Ruins at Essaoiura ©björn hornemann/Flickr

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