Top Attractions in Kenya

A top wildlife safari destination, Kenya is a diverse, multicultural country in Eastern Africa. Its numerous national parks and the thriving capital Nairobi are some of the top attractions in Kenya. However, the country does have some other, less obvious attractions, like the superb beaches at the Indian Ocean or the dances and traditions of its ancient tribes.
There are several ethnicities comprising the population of Kenya and just as many interesting cultures to discover. Western European lifestyle and Islamic values have also played a major role in shaping the identity of modern Kenya. Kenya’s cultural diversity is a wonderful thing to discover, but don’t let yourself discouraged by imaginary language barriers: most Kenyans speak both Swahili and English. This being said, here are some terrific attractions to check out:


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Nairobi is the major administrative, economic and academic center of Kenya, a cosmopolitan city with lots of possibilities to shop, sightsee and eat out. Nairobi is home to several museums, as well as the Nairobi National Park, a natural reserve situated right at the city outskirts. The great advantage about Nairobi National Park is that even if you won’t be traveling in other part of Kenya, you can still observe the lions, giraffes or elephants walking freely through the African bush.

Maasai Mara National Reserve

Although it bears the name of this fascinating tribe (the Maasai), Maasai Mara National Reserve is best known for another thing: the wildebeest migration. This annual migration of millions of herbivores and predators from Tanzania to Kenya represents an unrivaled natural phenomenon. Every year, thousands of tourists, photographers and naturalists travel there to record it.

Mount Kenya

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Mount Kenya is a national symbol of Kenya and a top attraction in Eastern Africa. Despite its location close to the Equator you will always see the peak on Mt. Kenya covered by snow: this is due to its impressive height – over 17 000 feet. The mountain is actually an extinct volcano and it’s regarded as a natural curiosity: the unique latitude and altitude combination allows plants and animals from almost all climate zones to grow on the mountain.


Those seeking exotic white sand beaches and legendary nightlife should head for Kenya’s second biggest city, Mombasa. An old port at the Indian Ocean, Mombasa has transformed into a prime beach holiday destination. Tourists choosing Mombasa as their destination will be delighted to discover the top restaurants, sports and entertainment facilities.


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Often overlooked by tourists, Lamu is a historic port and trade center on the coast of Kenya. Even though Lamu’s exports weren’t not always the most legitimate (it was known for the slave and rhino horns trade) Lamu is a picturesque town with a very interesting architecture.

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