Top African Beaches

Would you prefer the warm Indian Ocean, the foamy Atlantic, the picturesque Mediterranean or the exotic Red Sea? The African

by somadjinn

continent offers a great diversity of beaches, whether they are continental or insular, white sand or golden sand, isolated or packed with touristy attractions. There is much to explore along the coastline, as well: from the ancient ruins in the North (Carthage, El Jem, Alexandria) to the wildlife and natural reserves in South Africa. The following top African beaches are all worth a look:

Boulder Beach, Cape Town

by WWZwick

Here’s your chance to enjoy both the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean in one single trip. The beaches of Cape Town range from no-swimming surfer’s beaches to isolated strips of sand. Our number one choice for today is Boulder Beach in False Bay. This beach requires a fee and it has lots of big boulders, as well, but where else you can swim and sunbath among penguins?

Grand Baie Beach, Mauritius

With their tropical vegetation and calm, turquoise waters, the islands of Mauritius and Seychelles are a more affordable alternative to Tahiti or Bora Bora. If you are looking for the picture-perfect beach with palm trees and coquette villas than Grand Baie might be a great choice for you. Grand Baie is by no means and exclusivist beach, it’s spiced with local flavor, lots of shops and sport facilities.

Laguna, Egypt

Water, rock, coral and golden sand are the main elements creating the unique views around Dahab, on the Egyptian shore of the Red Sea. Part of a greater area known for its unique bohemian feel, Laguna has plenty attractions to offer, not counting the lovely setting. Don’t miss the local varieties of see food, served in a small, close to the shore restaurant terrace.

Mangapwani, Zanzibar

by somadjinn

Tanzania is surely a country blessed with natural beauties, and the island of Zanzibar makes no exception. Although the beaches of Zanzibar can better be enjoyed during high tides, each of them offers a unique experience. Located in the west part of the island (on the coast facing Tanzania) Mangapwani is a beach with a history. Here you can visit the adjacent Coral Cave and eat some of the best lobster on the island.

Essaouira, Morocco

Not many people know this, but Morocco is one of the top destinations for surfers. The bay of Essaouira is a favorite windsurfers and kitesurfers playground, with all year round winds and small waves. Here you can also enjoy other exclusive activities like horse riding on the beach, walking tours as well as the numerous art and crafts shops.

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