Top 5 most livable cities in Africa

Cape Town beach view

Cape Town beach ©eGuide Travel/Flickr

Lately all you hear about Africa is problems: civil wars, uprisings, ethnic conflicts and more. But many parts of the continent are peaceful and more, very livable! Now you would probably think about going on a safari in Kenya or visiting the Okavango Delta, maybe the pyramids in Egypt or the Masai tribes. These are all amazing things to do, but you can do a lot more than visiting exotic places in Africa.

There are many great urban destinations perfect for a vacation or even for a longer period of expat life if that is what you seek. Check out the top 5 most livable cities on the Black Continent and let us know where would you like to go first!

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Cape Town in South Africa

Certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world, Cape Town is the proud owner of several international travel awards, one more prestigious than the other. Its perfect location between the mountains and the ocean meets with all the sophistication and amenities expected from a great urban area.

Cape Town beach view

Cape Town beach eGuide Travel/Flickr

Accra in Ghana

A less known but not less appreciable urban city, and the second most livable city in Africa, Accra is a great place to visit. Apart from having amazing restaurants, shops and hotels, the city is home to the weekend houses of much of the surrounding countries’ elite.

Nairobi in Kenya

Safaris are not the only entertainment Kenya can offer. Nairobi, the capital, is an interesting urban destination with all the properties of a big city such as those in South Africa, but with a touch of gentleness and even less stress. Prices are generally low, the government stable and, as an extra, Internet connectivity is famously good!

Nairobi skyline

Nairobi skyline ©DEMOSH/Flickr

Johannesburg in South Africa

Your Johannesburg visit starts with landing at OR Tambo International Airport, a world class airport with a lot of space and all the possible amenities. Apart from this nice start the city has got many investors, a renewed inner city and the world’s largest man made forest which definitely helped it get on the Africa’s most livable cities list.

Gaborone in Botswana

Though a very young city, Gaborone is rather developed, thanks to the country’s leading position in rough diamond mining. It is also safe, probably due to it being quite small with a population of only 230 thousand people. Many sports events are organized in Gaborone which is also stuffed with great shops and restaurants.

Gaborone vew, Botswana

Gaborone view Athena ©Lao/Flickr



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