Top 5 Attractions in Fes, Morocco

historic Fes

Fes medina ©wingpix/Flickr

Fes is probably the second most visited city in Morocco after Marrakesh. And just like Marrakesh, Fes is much appreciated for its numerous historical attractions and architectural wonders. The historical center of Fes is truly remarkable, and was declared a World Heritage Site because of the architectural treasures it hosts.

Under many aspects, a visit to Fes almost equals a trip back to medieval times. But there is also the entertaining side of Fes, with its tea houses, hammams and busy souks. Just like there is a modern side of Fes, a thriving city with more than one million inhabitants. Just check out the promising attractions you can visit in Fes:

Fes Medina

Fes medina (or the Old City) is one of the biggest, most beautiful and best preserved medieval citadels in Africa. Several monumental gates mark the entrance into the old city. Inside you will discover sumptuous mansions built in Moorish style, century-old academic institutions, elegant mosques and beautiful squares, all trapped in a maze of narrow streets. Also known as Fes el Bali, this is the top attraction in Fes.

historic Fes

Fes medina ©wingpix/Flickr

Dar Glaoui

Dar Glaoui might not be among the oldest constructions in Fes, but its 150 years of existence make it venerable enough to pass as a historic attraction. Otherwise, this 19th century construction is remarkable under every aspect. Dar Glaoui is more than a palace: it’s a miniature city. In addition to the spacious rooms and interior courtyards, the palace has its own hammam, own school, own gardens and even its own cemetery.

Tanneries Quarter

Fes is well known for its local craftsmen, and one of the best places to buy Moroccan leather products. Fes tanners keep alive the craftsmanship they learned from their fathers and grandfathers. In the Tanneries Quarter, you can see them at work, dyeing leather in strong colors and drying it in under the hot North African sun.

leather tanners

Fes tanneries &ocpy;Destination Europe/Flickr

Fes Souks

The numerous souks offer another good reason to visit Fes. You will find these traditional open air markets everywhere in the old city. Taking up an old square or stretching along the major streets, the souks display the most various products, from local fruits like olives and dates to leather products, tiles, hand made rugs, spices or copper work.

shopping in Fes

Fes souks © Bhakti – Amsterdam/Flickr

Museum of Moroccan Arts and Crafts

Ans since we have talked so much about Moroccan crafts, the  best place to learn about their history is the Museum of Moroccan Arts and Crafts. In addition to rugs and ceramic works that are hundreds of years old, you will also get the chance to admire the building itself, a former palace knows as Dar Batha.


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