Top 5 African Cities You Must See

Cape Town

by derekkeats

When it comes to travel choices, the urban side of Africa is often, and unfairly neglected. While it is true that most African cities are rather flat and they might lack the sophistication of European capitals or the breathtaking sky scrapers of an Asian metropolis, it doesn’t mean they aren’t rich in history and attractions. Let us not forget that, as far as modern anthropology claims, Arica is the cradle of human kind. Today’s top of the 5 African cities you must see is therefore an invitation to look at African cities as more than your place of landing.

The Gardens of Cape Town

Cape Town Waterfront

by vivekchugh

Seen from the sea, the city of Cape Town seems totally crushed under the gigantic, table shaped rock in the background. Yet, there is so much to explore in this South African city: quaint suburbs, lively beaches, street performances, museums, historical landmarks – to name just a few. Cape Town is by far the number one attraction in South Africa and this is no wonder: where else you can swim with the dolphins, drink a good local wine, climb a famous mountain and then party till dawn in the rhythms of African drums? Also, make sure you take a hike up to Table Mountain and admire the beautiful gardens up there.

Nairobi and Africa’s Big Five


by subhadipin

With Kenya as a prime safari destination, no wonder Nairobi is often excluded from travel itineraries. However, the city does have some noticeable qualities: buzzing nightlife, European-style cafes and quite a variety of restaurants and shops. Not to mention that just outside the city borders you can see real-life elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras and hundreds of other species of mammals and birds.

The Mysterious Marrakech


by ckeyzor

White-washed houses, minarets, kebab street sellers, mosaic squares, mountains of spices and hidden courtyards are only few of the wonders of Marrakech.  This historic Moroccan city boasts with  tourists and oriental charm. While are very likely to fall for the strong mint tea and the local sweets, make sure you reserve some time for taking a trip to the neighboring Atlas Mountains and visit a few bazaars for precious souvenirs.

Cairo, the City of  a Thousand Minarets


by Gazarika

Despite the numerous steel and glass sky scrapers invading its downtown, Cairo continues to offer inestimable samples of Islamic architecture.  Cairo is by all means a modern, flourishing capital, but only a few kilometers up the river Nile one can admire the wonders of the Old Egypt. Many people know this but Cairo is home to a prolific movie industry as well as a world-renowned film festival.

Durban, a gateway to Zulu Kingdom

Durban Beach

by lesKZN

The recent host of World Cup games has revealed much of its beauties and touristic potential. Its pleasant climate and lovely beaches draw sun-loving tourists like a magnet. There are many ways to enjoy the ocean and abundant marine wildlife in Durban, not to mention the numerous sports and entertainment facilities, as well as the fascination Zulu culture.

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