Tips for Cruising the Nile

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Booking a cruise on the Nile can be a pleasant way to discover this fascinating country and its millennial history. For thousands of years, the Nile has carried its fecund mud into the desert of North Africa, thus allowing one of the greatest civilizations in history to flourish along its shores. Nowadays, the Nile continues to be the heart and soul of Egypt. And no matter if you are interested in the modern Cairo or the wonders of Ancient Egypt, the Nile will be your easiest route to them. So check out these next tips for cruising the Nile and start planning your future great adventure:

Best time to cruise

There are two very important factors when it comes to choosing your traveling times: the first one is weather, the second is related to costs. July and August are the hottest months in Egypt, with extremely high temperatures – these are also the off-season months when costs are lower. Winters are warm and pleasant in this part of the world, so December to February mark the peak season. Somewhere at low season are spring and autumn months, when costs are slightly lower.

Health and safety

Nile at sunset©jonl1973/Flickr

Water is always a matter of concern when traveling to countries with fewer sources of fresh water. This is why it is important to drink only bottled water.  Fruits must also be washed with bottled water. Also, keep in mind that due to the heat you’ll need to drink much more water than usually. Due to a history or kidnapping and attacking tourists and the existence of terrorist groups, Egypt might require a little more precaution then other countries – however, the country is making efforts to guarantee safety for tourists so don’t feel offended if you see police forces around you. As a last and common sense advice, watch your belongings in crowded places, pickpocketing is a global issue.

Tipping and logistics

Nile at sunset by keniromaniak/Flickr

Tipping will be expected from any foreign tourists, so make sure you carry enough money for rewarding stewards, housekeepers, guides or any other service providers. If you want to visit the pyramids and temples, it’s best to hire and experienced guide, but do keep in mind that there will be no cruise ships between Cairo and Luxor (government regulations).

In terms of cultural sensitivity, remember that Muslims represent and important part of Egypt’s population so drinking alcohol is not among their habits. Also, try to wear light coloured, decent clothes – no shorts, short dresses or cleavages and always have a big scarf at hand.

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