The Best Museums in Africa that You Have to See

by tutincommon

Africa’s nature and its fascinating blend of cultures are the two major sources of interest when it comes to traveling to this big continent. However, art and history buffs will be delighted to discover the African museums. From open air museums and history museums with thousand-years old mummies to the modern, interactive museums, there are just as many ways to learn more about the culture and history of Africa. here are five best museums in Africa that you have to see (no doubt about that ;)) :

The Cairo Museum, Cairo

‘Ancient Egypt goodies’ is the catch phrase that can best characterize this museum. The huge building in Cairo, Egypt hosts miles and miles of artifacts collected by archaeologists, most of which belonged to the glorious times of the Egyptian Empire. You will even have the chance to admire objects found in the tomb of the Famous pharaoh Tutankhamen, the teen emperor whose premature death remains a history till today.

Living History Museum, Rwanda

Among genocide memorials and history museums, the Living History Museum makes a pleasant contrast. Centered around Nyaza, the former capital of Rwanda, this museum is 100% interactive and as authentic as it can get. You will walk through the former king’s quarters and admire the traditional huts, while watching people engage in daily activities such as singing, dancing, bow-shooting or crafting different objects.

National Museum of Sudan, Khartoum

by cmatulewicz

The place where the two Niles meet, Sudan was once the heart of a glorious empire. artifacts from the Nubian Empire make the great attraction of this museum – some of them are several thousand years old. There is also an encompassing section dedicated to ancient Egyptian art, with a famous bust of Hatshepsut.

Gold of Africa Museum, Cape Town

The South African city of Cape Town has quite a number of interesting museums, but few of them display such skill and genius as the Gold of Africa Museum. What you will admire here are practically gold objects from all periods and all over Africa.

Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo

by zoonabar

Cairo makes it to the list for a second time but it’s just fascinating to discover this African capital’s amazing museums. Unlike the National Museum, the Museum of Islamic art contains more recent artifacts – books, ceramics, galsswork, textiles typical for Islamic art. there will be hundreds of thousands of objects, many of which are very rare and precious – so make sure you have at least half a day at your disposal.


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