Tanzania’s Best Wildlife Destinations

Ruaha National Park

zebra at Ruaha ©Pius Mahimbi/Flickr

There is no doubt that Tanzania can offer some of the most rewarding safari experiences in the world. Apart form the fact that Tanzania is, along Kenya, home to a unique and breathtaking natural phenomenon – the annual wildebeest migration – the country is also benefits from incredible biodiversity and an impressive number of natural parks and game reserves.

But you should know that your experience of Tanzania wildlife depends a lot on your expectations. The different parks might have different facilities and also there is a lot of variety in terms of the species you might encounter. Check out these popular safari destinations and see what each of them has to offer:

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro might not have a national park status, but this not stop it form being one of Tanzania’s best wildlife destinations. The crater of Ngorongoro volcano creates a vast enclosed area, where water and food are plentiful and animals thrive. Because of its relatively small size and the great concentration of species, Ngorongoro is a brilliant safari destination.

Tanzania safari

Wildlife at Ngorongoro ©David Berkowitz/Flickr

Tarangire National Park

Serengeti is the king of national parks in Tanzania, but we have already dedicated a whole post to this famous attraction, so we will not present it today. Instead, you can read about Tarangire National Park, which is a smaller park near Serengeti and just as rich in game. In addition to the famous wildebeest herds, you will also find elephant herds here, as well as hundreds of birds species and numerous predators such as lion and leopard.

Ruaha National Park

Serengeti might be the most famous park in Tanzania, but Ruaha is by far the largest. Situated in Southern Tanzania, Ruaha is a prime destination for elephant spotting – it is said that Ruaha has more elephants than any other park in this part of Africa. This is partially due to the presence of water – river Ruaha and its contributors form a dense network. This park is also a favorite with bird watchers.

Ruaha National Park

zebra at Ruaha ©Pius Mahimbi/Flickr

The Mahale Mountains National Park

The geography and fauna of Tanzania is extremely diverse, as you will discover from a visit to this remote national reserve in Mahale Mountains. Unlike in most of Tanzania’s parks, here you will encounter the dense vegetation that is specific to the African rainforest and the mountainous areas in central Africa. Chimpanzees are often seen in this park, although the primate population is shrinking. But you will also find elephant, giraffe or lion, along with numerous birds and several monkey species.

Mahale National Park

chimp yawning Mahale ©nilsrinaldi/Flickr



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