Africa's Top 5 Summer Resorts

Africa’s Top 5 Summer Resorts

Spain, France, Greece, Hawaii and the Caribbean are all well-known for their beaches and summer resorts and thus very popular choices when it comes to going on a holiday. But so is Africa. This huge continent has more kilometres of beaches then all the above mentioned places together and also the advantage of lower prices, several climate zones, amazing cultural diversity. Also, Africa neighbours two big seas and two of the world's oceans. But for now, let's stick to the very best and se... [ read more ]

Africa's Best Secret Beaches

Africa’s Best Secret Beaches

Africa’s beaches might be less famous than the beaches of Spain or the ones in California, but this also means they are less crowded. Plus, they offer an incredible diversity of landscapes, and often the feeling that you are stepping on unspoiled ground. It’s hard to imagine a greater variety of landscapes and beaches than in Africa, surrounded by two seas (Mediterranean and Red Sea) and tow oceans (Atlantic and Indian). Those fascinated with beaches or looking for a romantic honeymoon d... [ read more ]