Souvenir Shopping in Cape Town

As South Africa’s prime tourist destination, Cape Town is definitely the place to look for gifts and souvenirs. It would be a pity to travel in such an interesting and exotic place and not bring a tiny part of it at home. There was a time when African arts and crafts represented a true revelation for European artist and designers, and people would pay millions for an African mask. Many of the traditional African costumes can be considered themselves as authentic works of art, not to mention the beadwork, which is almost an industry in this part of the world.
It comes without saying that it’s much smarter to buy your souvenirs and pieces of art directly from the source. Considering the number of stores, art galleries and even flea markets the city has to offer, souvenir shopping in Cape Town can be not only a pleasant activity, but also quite a profitable one if you find the right places. Let’s take a look at some possible destination for your African shopping spree:

Souvenir Shops

by quinn.anya

Right before hitting the souvenir shops in Cape Town you should know exactly what are you looking for. Like in any other tourist destinations, cheap and kitschy souvenirs are sold almost everywhere. When buying souvenirs on the street, you can feel free to bargain – of course, this doesn’t apply in the biggest shops. Some famous stores that enchant tourists with the most various objects are Blue Shed, Out of Africa, Indaba Curious and the Red Shed (oh, not to forget, such ‘curiosity shops’ are quite popular in South Africa.)

Arts and Crafts Galleries

by Kelsie DiPerna

Bead art, wood carvings, wire art and recycled art are some of the crafts specific for South Africa. You’ll find some good arts and crafts stores in the big commercial centers, as well as the Waterfront Craft Market. Some famous stores are Mokeybiz and Bead Merchants of Africa (bead art), Streetwise (wire art), Porcupine Ceramics (ceramics).

Craft and Flea Markets

by exfordy

Flea markets represent a great place to buy some souvenirs, especially for the fact that here you can bargain and interact with people in a more authentic way. The Green Market Square is probably the biggest of all Cape Town flea markets: you can find everything in here, from wooden masks to street performers (not for sale!). You can also head for the Pan African Market or the Khayelitsha Craft Market, with similar products.

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