Short Guide to Visiting the Sahara Desert


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Whether you are an adventurer looking for the ultimate challenge, a dreamer in search for the most romantic sunset above the desert or a geeky Star Wars fan who wants to see the settings of his favorite movie, you will, sooner or later, feel the call of the desert. But before you’re physically and psychologically ready to face the mirages and the challenges of such a trip, you might use our short guide to visiting the Sahara Desert:

Step one – Plan your trip in advance

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No matter if you are traveling to Africa with the only purpose to visit the Sahara or you just want to make it a one day trip, you must be aware that you cannot just land there in the middle of the desert. The main gateways towards the Sahara are Western Sahara, Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Egypt. The Western side of Sahara is probably the most visited – this was the original route of the famous rally Paris-Dakar, and it’s also the Atlas Mountains that make it particularly spectacular. Your trip to Sahara can be part of a pre-booked tour, or you can just choose a hire a guide once you’re there.

Step two – Make sure you are ready

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While it goes without saying that aridity and dehydration will be your most feared enemies, there are several other things to consider when traveling in Sahara. Nights here are very cold, and freeze often occurs. On the territory of Chad, the terrain is predominantly mountainous, so here snow is not a rarity. Make sure that your shape, equipment and means of transportations are suitable for longer trips. Also, you should never leave without an adequate health insurance.

Step three – Choose your type of trip and activities

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Depending on your budget and physical conditions, you can choose between different tours and activities. While the general image of Sahara comprises of tents and camel tours, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. There are also luxury hotels at the desert’s boundaries, as well as numerous safaris and rallys. A common way to experience Sahara is on the back of a camel, during a several hour round-trip. However, with the proper equipment and guidance, you can even attempt a trans-saharan trip or go extreme with a survival camp. The cultures of the numerous ethnicities and tribes living in the Sahara are truly fascinating: make sure you get the chance to know them better – after all, this is a one of a kind occasion.

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