Short guide to visiting Mauritius

by selene weijenberg

The island of Mauritius is among those tropical gems that you see advertised in agency brochures and find it hard to believe that it actually exists. With its tropical vegetation and the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius makes a great beach vacation/honeymoon destination. And what’s even great about this island off the coast of Madagascar it the way it combines secluded, world-class resorts with the diverse and hospitable culture of the island. I hope my short guide to visiting Mauritius will help you get a better understanding of what this amazing island can offer:


The superb beaches are the number one attraction in Mauritius. The island offers an interesting variety of beaches, from the popular beaches like Blue Bay, to secluded small coves and lagoons. The marine live in Mauritius waters is, like almost everywhere in the Indian Ocean, reward divers and snorkelers with the sight of thousands of multi-coloured tropical fish.


by matze_ott

Mauritius accommodation facilities will satisfy both the luxury seeker and the eco-friendly tourist. There are plenty luxury resorts across the island, offering beach villas, private beach and pool access, as well as spas access, excursions and activities. La Pirogue, Sugar Beach Resort or Le Meridien are just  a few names – keep in mind though that villas, bungalows and beach houses are the most common type of accommodation in Mauritius, which makes it an ideal destination for honeymooners. Domaine les Pailles is a must for all those willing to try authentic, organic food from Mauritius.


The usual way to get to Mauritius is by air – several big companies offer flights to Port Louis, ths island’s capital. The here is a network of public buses connecting the different parts of the island, however, for bigger liberty of movement, rental cars are recommended. Taxis are also present but, like in any part of the world, they aren’t quite the cheapest mean of transportation.


by janebelindasmith

You will certainly not lack activities on an island like Mauritius. Diving has been mentioned before, but in addition to this the island is also known for its surfing and windsurfing spots. For your first days in Mauritius it might be smart to take a guided tour or even a sailing tour of the island. Then you can decide if you are interested in upgrading to an adventure tour, try on some new watersports or stick to your hotel for a golf party or maybe a rejuvenating spa session.

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