Scenic South African Golf Courses

by jurvetson

If you ever wish to spice up a golf vacation with some adventure and amazing landscapes, then you should know that South Africa is the place to go. The country has a long tradition in golf and is home to some of the most scenic golf courses in the whole world – not to mention the fact that Africa is the only place where one can experience a golfing safari (which represents a 2 in 1, thrilling combination of a safari trip and a golf vacation). Another great advantage of South Africa in general is its climate: while Europe or North America’s golf courses are covered by snow, South Africa enjoys plenty of sun. Check out these scenic South African golf courses and plan your next golf adventure:

Legends Golf and Safari Resort

One of the best rated golf courses in South Africa, this 19-hole facility offers you both the challenge of a professional golf course and the dramatic landscape of the South African bush. There are quite high chances to spot some great wildlife while playing on this course, but this is far from the biggest challenge. Once they’ve finished the first 18holes, players are taken by helicopter on a tall cliff, where they get the chance to drill the 19th hole (situated several hundred feet below them, on an artificial island in the middle of a pond!) surrounded by breath-taking splendour.

Arabella Golf Resort

by jdnx

Situated in the Western Cape area, in the middle of the forever green plains, Arabella Golf Resort has managed to build a strong reputation as one of Africa’s premiere golf destinations. The Kogelberg mountains in the background will frame your every shot in a picture perfect setting. The classy design of the golf course makes it suitable for tournaments, which is also why some small competitions and charity events are hold here every year.

Leopard Creek

by mister-e

A classic 18-hole course right at the border of the famous Kruger National Park, Leopard Creek is another luxury golf resort with an adventurous twist. As you might now already, Kruger is a park famous for its biodiversity, and many of its fabulous species like crocodiles, buffaloes or antelopes   can be spotted during a golf session at Leopard Creek. The nearby Crocodile River is swarming with life, and you’ll be literally just a medium shot’s distance form Kruger’s fascinating animals (actually, some of the holes are positioned on high grounds so you’ll get glimpses of Kruger’s vast plains every now and then.

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