Romantic African Vacations

by alwarur

The mysterious Africa can be a great destination for those couples looking to blend romanticism with adventure. With such fantastic views to witness and so many interesting cultures to encounter, your African vacation will definitely be an unforgettable one. Finding the perfect romantic African vacations is easy when you know exactly what you’re looking for. If your idea romanticism implies pristine beaches and lots of privacy, try looking up a vacation in Mauritius or Seychelles. For a traditional wedding ceremony or a more romantic approach to wildlife safaris, try countries like Botwsana or Namibia. Many African cities won’t fail to reveal their romantic side, as well. Check out my list of suggestion and see what appeals to you most:


The archipelago of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean has been blessed with lots of sun, calm, turquoise waters and, a relatively recent addition, plenty of secluded resorts. The regular vacation in the Seychelles involves a lot of pampering but if you upgrade this to a honeymoon pack, you will end up feeling like the king and queen of some tropical island. There are few very isolated resorts like Cousine Island Resort, Lemuria Resort or Fregate Island.


by susannah

For those with a taste for the oriental and exotic delights, nothing could be more rewarding than a vacation to Marrakech. Forget Paris and Venice! Marrakech will initiate you into the pleasures of hammam and North African cuisine, the art of bargaining for spices and colorful fabrics at the local bazaars, and the joy of sipping the local tea into the cozy setting of a Moroccan café.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park in Botswana is a well-established safari destination; the park comprises of several ecosystems therefore you have just as many chances to see a lion, elephant, rhino or crocodile. You might as well decide to pay for a very special wedding ceremony, the kind that turns even your best friends green with envy. Just try to imagine your pictures: you and your loved ones in a small river boat, with the African bush surounding you and lots of wild animals in the background.

Mount Kenya

by Diamond Galcier Adventures

There are lots of ways to celebrate love, but what about climbing a mountain? And I’m not talking any kind of mountain, but Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second highest peak, located close to the equator and covered with eternal snows. The climb is strenuous and might require up to 7 days, but again, what could be more romantic than sharing such a unique experience?


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