Popular Sights in Johannesburg

by martijn munneke

Not as famous or as visited as Cape Town, Johannesburg is still one of South Africa’s biggest  and most interesting cities – in terms of population this city in the mountains is actually the largest in the country. But this highly industrial city, situated in the middle of a high plateau, hides numerous riches in its underground: minerals, diamonds and also some very beautiful caves. It might even be the ‘cradle of human civilization’, as many archaeologists and historians like to refer to the historic sites around Johannesburg. So here come some must-see, widely popular sights in Johannesburg:

Apartheid Museum

Luckily, the apartheid is just history now, but for the generations of oppressed Africans it was a crude reality. Even though this museum will sadden and even shock many of the visitors with its testimonies and exhibits about this dark period in the history of South Africa, visiting it is a must for all those willing to learn something about this country.

National Botanical Gardens

To their full name the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens, these lovely gardens in West Johannesburg will you shade and shelter in a hot day. The gardens will walk you through an artistic arrangement of several hundreds of species of native and non-native plants, culminating with some superb waterfalls.

Sterkfontein Caves

by flowcomm

Johannesburg is less praised for its urban scape, however it offers its surrounding nature can be quite amazing. The Sterkfontein represents a system of beautiful caves at the outskirts of Johannesburg. But the limestone formations, although spectacular, are not the great attraction here. Best known as the Cradle of Human Kind, this area is a true gem for anthropologists, who discovered some of the oldest traces of human presence in the world, along with hominid skeletons that are estimated to be 2 million years old.

Lion Park

A visit to the lion park might be a smart and fun way to compensate for that safari you never had the time to take. The lions and tigers here are big enough to be taken seriously, yet tamed enough to alow you to pet them. Not something you can afford to do in a safari.


by garybembridge

This is not the Melville you know as the author of Moby Dick, but Johanesburg’s Melville, the busiest and trendiest district in the heart of the city. Whether it is the high street shopping or the famous African parties you are interested in, Melville is the place to visit.

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