Popular Routes in South Africa

road trip South Africa

Garden Route ©stringer_bel/Flickr

South Africa is a fabulous destination, with an extremely diverse nature, amazing cities, unrivaled beaches and archeological sites of inestimable value. There are so things to see and explore, that, given the standard length of a holiday, it can be quite hard to decide on an itinerary – there will always be interesting attractions that must be left out.

This is why choosing a flexible way to travel, such as driving, can offer you multiple advantages. Renting a car and driving yourself through South Africa means that you can travel at your own pace, but it also gives you the sense of adventure that most guided tours lack. Here are some popular routes in South Africa you can ponder on:

Kruger National Park

Kruger is South Africa’s most famous national park. Part of this fame comes from Kurger’s amazing biodiversity – Kruger is a prime safari destination, with great chances of seeing Africa’s Big Five – but also from the park’s accessibility. What makes Kurger very special among Africa’s major safari destinations is the quality and size of its road network, which makes the wildlife in the park accessible to anyone with a car. Of course, you can always book a guided tour if you want to, but you are not required to do so, which gives you all the liberty in choosing what to see. Just remember to respect the speed limits!

national park safari

Kruger wildlife ©billandkent/Flickr

The Garden Route

The surroundings of Cape Town are truly remarkable. Here, at the meeting point of two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, nature takes some on the most interesting shapes. From the misty heights of Table Mountain, to the picturesque country wineries, the region abounds in attractions of all sorts. Guiding you through this South African region of exceptional beauty is the famous Garden Route, which starts in Cape Town, follows the coastline through an incredible diversity of landscapes, and ends in Port Elisabeth.

road trip South Africa

Garden Route ©stringer_bel/Flickr

The Route of Lost Kingdoms

This route close to the Zimbabwe border (and very close to the Kruger Route) focuses on history and lifestyle. You will pass several historic and archeological sites, such as Thulamela and Mapungubwe, where you can learn about the history and traditions of people living in the area. Archeological discoveries in the area have revealed the traces of ancient civilizations, so you can have your own shot at figuring out what used to be the purpose of various artifacts and imagine how these people lived 1000 years ago. Also along this route you will run into impressive baobab forests, and several game reserves that are worth seeing.

game reserve

Zebra ©Mapungubwe Derek Keats/Flickr


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