Popular Music Festivals in Africa

by coda

Since scientific proofs indicate the African continent to be the origin of human race, it’s easy to presume that music was born here as well. Actually, it’s hard to imagine any popular musical genre today that hasn’t been influence by the irresistible African rhythms. Paradoxically, Africa is not particularly famous for its festivals: you won’t find any Woodstock, Glastonbury or Love Parade around here. But those interesting in less popular and more revelatory musical genres will actually discover some interesting music festivals in Africa. So with no regard to musical genre or location, here are few of the most popular music festivals in Africa:

World Sacred Music Festival Morocco

Morocco is itself a whole universe to explore, but the festival of Fes, which has now reached its 17th edition, manages to gather a truly eclectic crowd. The 2011 titled ‘Wisdoms of the World’ already took place in June, lining up artists from all over the world. This festival is actually a UN initiative, so there are a lot of debates and multi-cultural happenings associated with it.

Lake of Stars Music Festival

by one village initiative

The Lake of Starts Festival near lake Malawi has been taking place since 2004, growing bigget and better with each year. The first great thing about this festival is its location, on the beautiful shores of Lake Malawi, one of the biggest fresh water reservoirs in Africa. As for the festival itself, it all comes down to having a good time and enjoying some local Malawi folk and Afropop bands.

Jazz a Carthage

What a better location for a jazz festival in North Africa then the glorious Carthage? Jazz artists from different countries come here in spring to enchant the crowds with the sounds of saxophone, cello or bass guitar. The selection of artists is very international, and the choice of genres quite permissive: you can hear contemporary jazz, as well as blues and soul.

Milatsika Festival

by bruce tuten

This festival in Mayotte (a French overseas territory situated in south-east Africa, near the island of Madagascar), announces a very ambitious objective: to promote music and musicians from all over the Indian Ocean. So far the festival organizers have managed to bring artists and fans together for five consecutive editions. As one of the only such festivals in this part of the world and with an ambition to only promote the true talents, this festival announces to be quite a revelation for the authentic music lover.

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