Popular Events in Cape Town

Tow Oceans Marathon

marathon contestants © flowcomm/Flickr

It’s impossible to visit Cape Town and not be charmed by this much-celebrated South-African city. With a pleasant climate, beautiful location and thriving cultural life, Cape Town has all the atributes of a major tourist destination.

And while the city’s picturesque waterfront and its most iconic attraction – Table Mountain – will always be there to great you, it would be a pity to miss out on some major Cape Town events just because you haven’t heard of them.  To make sure that will not happen, we’ve put together this short list:

Cape Minstrels Carnival

The New Year is one of the happiest and most eventful periods of the year in Cape Town. As soon as the New Year Eve parties are over, a new party starts on Cape Town streets. Also known as Kaapse Klopse, Cape Town’s carnival is one of the world’s oldest. Originally, the carnival was more like a street party, which took place on the 2nd of January – a free day for South African slaves. Today, thousands of dancers, musicians and participants dressed multicolored costumes fill the streets with their joy.

carnival band

Minstrel Festival ©Kelsie DiPerna/Flickr

Cape Town International Kite Festival

If you are tired of music and film festivals and would like to try something new, why not attend Cape Town’s own kite festival? Not only you will have the chance to meet some of the world’s best kite runners and admire their fantastic creations, but you can have a try at kite running yourself. The event is usually held in Muizenberg, at the beginning of November.

kite tail

Kite in the wind ©Chris Preen/Flickr

Cape Town Fashion Week

Want a taste of African Fashion? The Cape Town Fashion Week is one of the most prestigious fashion events in South Africa, and also a great occasion to see admire some of Africa’s best designers and models. It is not unusual for this event to have very famous guests, like international top models or well-known designers.

Two Oceans Marathon

Sports events are some of the most beloved and popular events in Cape Town. And few other enjoy the popularity of the annual Two Oceans Marathon. Self-styled ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Marathon’, the race takes participants through the beautiful surroundings of Cape Town, such as Chapman’s Peak. Year by year, this event has grown bigger and bigger, so that today it is not only an internationally-renowned marathon but also a complex event, which consists of several different races. So should you not be fit enough for a marathon, you can take part in the trekking race or maybe the fun-race.

Tow Oceans Marathon

marathon contestants ©flowcomm/Flickr


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