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durban beaches

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The commercial and transport hub of KwaZulu Natal, Durban is not only a major South African city-port, but also a well-known resort. Located on the shore of the Indian Ocean, Durban was blessed with a wonderfully climate: no matter what time of the year, the temperature in Durban will be just about right. This is why Durban’s beaches and resorts are much sought for. Also, Durban is the main gateway to the fascinating KwaZulu territory, and as the territory’s capital has numerous cultural sights and attractions. Check out these popular attractions in Durban:

Durban Botanic Gardens

The story of Durban’s beautiful Botanic Gardens is very interesting. They were first started as an experiment in the late 18th century, to see what commercial plant species could best adapt to the South African climate. Later, botanist became interested in local spices so the gardens became more and more populated. Today, the Durban Botanic Gardens are home to a vast collection of trees, ferns and orchids, and offer a wonderful space for walking and recreation.

Durban attraction

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Natural Science Museum

With such scenic surroundings, it’s all about nature in Durban. So no wonder that the Natural Science Museum is among the most popular attractions in Durban. Although small, the museum is backed by a team of researchers and has a lot of impressive exhibits, including the real-size skeleton of a T-Rex!

The Golden Mile

Allegedly the no.1 attraction in Durban, the Golden Mile is a city within a city. Developed along Durban’s beautiful beachfront, the Golden Mile consists of an agglomeration of hotels, restaurants, beaches and entertainment facilities.  And, like in any respectable port, casinos and gambling represent a whole industry branch!

durban beaches

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Sri Sri Radhanath Temple of Understanding

This Hindu Temple in Durban is not only a living proof of the city’s multiculturalism, but also a great place to pray and meditate. The architecture of the temple and its interior decorations make it one of the most interesting buildings in the city. Vegetarians will also love the temple, as right under it they can find one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Durban.

BAT centre

Modern art enthusiast should not miss the BAT center in Durban. The center is one of the main promoters and producers of art and cultural events in the city. If you visit its headquarters on Victoria Embankment you will be surprised by what you can find here: not only art galleries and studios, but also numerous shops, office spaces, a restaurant and a bar.

traditional carpets

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