Popular attractions in Antananarivo

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Antananarivo or, as the locals call it, Tana, is a major touristic destination and capital city of the island of Madagascar. In the recent years Madagascar has become a popular destination in South Eastern Africa: the island’s unique fauna with numerous endemic species attracts more and more nature lovers. But it would a pity to get to know the island’s lemurs, its beautiful beaches and tropical flowers without getting a taste of its city life. These popular attractions in Antananarivo will give you an idea of what to see and do while visiting this fascinating capital:

Rova – Queen’s Palace

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Any visit to Antananarivo must start with the city’s history.  Just like the island of Madagascar is known for its unique nature, so its Antananarivo famous for its architecture. And there are few better places to sample it than at Rova. The Queen’s Palace, dating back to the 19th century, is just one of the numerous monuments in the area – most of the buildings here were royal residences and tombs made of wood in traditional Malagasy style, during different periods of time. The Rova was destroyed by fire in the 1990s, but it is now reconstructed by the government.

Lemur Park

Even though the Lemur Park outside Tana, it is a convenient way to meet the most famous animal living on the island: lemurs. This a great place for families or people who haven’t got the time to spend days in the Madagascar rainforest in search for wild lemurs. You can learn about lemurs and their habits and observe them in natural habitat: the park has no fences, so don’t expect the typical zoo.

Main Market

Open air markets are one of the biggest attractions all over Africa. There are few better places to get to know people, learn about their daily lives and in the same time indulge on exotic, locally grown fruits and vegetables than the main market in Tana.

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

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Several kilometres  east of Antananarivo tourists can visit the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga. This is a sacred place for Malagasy people, as it used to be the residence of the Imerina royal family. Here you will be able to admire many artefacts that used to belong to the royal family as well as residential buildings and tombs. Remember, though, that the place is considered to be sacred by many Malalasy people so their rituals must be respected.


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