Off-the-beaten-path safaris in Africa

vulture©Joanne Goldby/Flickr

Africa’s vast wilderness areas and often unspoiled nature never ceases to amaze adventurers and photographers around the world. Going in a wildlife safari trip is the most common mean to get close to the incredible animals living in the African savannah and rainforests – and which most of the world continues to watch only in documentaries or zoos.  It’s hard to find the words to describe such a sublime encounter with nature like the one offered by a safari. However, some purists might argue, safaris are becoming a much too popular activity. But there’s still plenty of almost untouched territory to discover on such a big continent, and these off-the-beaten-path safaris in Africa are a good proof:


Probably the number one safari destination in the world, Tanzania has numerous wildlife reservations and national parks, and a hard to compete with biodiversity. Serengeti National Park is by far the most popular safari destinations in the country, but what it’s important to know about Tanzania is that its potential for memorable safari experiences is far greater than presented in the usual travel guides. The whole southern part of Tanzania, including several national parks, represents close to virgin safari territory. Here you can explore places like Katavi National Park, Udzungwa Mountain National Park, the Selous Game Reserve or Ruaha National Park.


Kenya safari ©Joanne Goldby/Flickr

Like Tanzania, Kenya is part of the phenomenal annual Wildebeest Migration, with Maasai Mara National Park as its number one safari destination. But also in the case of Kenya there are plenty of other places to explore. The cost of Kenya offers some interesting landscapes and habitats, while all over Laikipia offers an interesting combination of natural parks and vast agricultural landscapes. Interesting wildlife – especially water birds – can also be spotted around Lake Naivasha. Smaller natural parks like Samburu, Marsabit or Lake Bogoria are also worth a visit.


leopard with prey ©appenz/ Flickr

Namibia might not be the first country name that comes to one’s mind when thinking about safari destinations, but this is exactly why I decided to include it in today’s article. With its semi-arid mountains and rich river valleys, Namibia offers a unique safari experience, during which travellers can see some rare species of animals – like elephants living in the desert. A popular safari destination  in Namibia is the valley of Kunene river, but also the Brandberg Mountains and Caprivi Strip – an area of Namibia which overlaps with the Okavango Delta.

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