New Year’s Eve Party Destinations in Africa

by h dragon

Spending the New Year’s Eve in some exotic African country might seem like a bold decision, but since when does unconventional mean bad? Actually, a winter holiday spent Africa might prove to be the best decision you ever made. First of all, half of Africa is situated in the Southern hemisphere so this means that the month December marks the beginning of summer. Secondly, when it comes to these fabulous New Year’s Eve party destinations in Africa, dullness and boredom are not on the menu:

South Africa

If you’re looking to change the setting but not the rules of the game, South Africa might be the perfect destination for you. Weather is fabulous at this time of the year, especially in the Cape Peninsula. South Africans are well known for their dancing and partying skills. Around the New Year you’ll have the chance to witness and attend some of the best parties in South Africa. A good thing to remember is that the biggest party in the whole country also takes place at the New Year. It’s actually a proper carnival, with costumes, music and parades – thousands of people attend the Minstrel carnival each year. Beach parties are also a common distraction at this time of the year, especially in always cheerful and sunny seaside town of Durban.


by ZapTheDingbat

Spending your winter holidays among the Berbers could turn your holiday into a truly memorable one. Morrocco is a fabulous destination, no matter what time of the year, but the festive atmosphere around the New Year will add a plus of value to your holiday. Many of the big hotel chains offer classical New Year’s Eve parties with fancy food, cocktails and fireworks. Or, you can choose to stay with the locals and witness a traditional Berber New Year – which actually occurs later in January, as the Berbers follow the old calendar. Add a trip to the Sahara and maybe some skiing in the beautiful Atlas Mountains, and you obtained your perfect New Year Eve vacation!


by cfrfrenning

The tropical archipelago of Mauritius is not only famous for its tropical beaches, but also for its interesting and diverse culture. There is a numerous Asian community in Mauritius so at the beginning of January you’ll see people getting ready for the Chinese New Year. There will be fireworks, of course, but also unbelievable amounts of good food, good humour and of course, partying!

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