Must-have Moroccan Dishes

by zd

As enchanted as one can become when exploring the cities and landmarks of Morocco, nothing can compare with the joy of discovering the country’s cuisine. It’s typical for the North African cuisine to combine the sweet and salted ingredients in one savory dish. Common ingredients include lamb and beef, lentils, tomatoes, rice, as well as the traditional pastry. Also, Moroccan cooks make brilliant use of spices like cardamom, saffron, curry, cinnamon and paprika. As for Moroccan sweets, they owe their heavenly taste to outrageous amounts of sugar as well as exotic ingredients like coconut, dry peaches, bananas or rose water. Following is my list of must-have Moroccan dishes, accompanied by my one suggestion to make the best of your Moroccan adventure and taste everything that sounds/looks appealing to you.


by visualpani

Couscous plays a major role in Moroccan cuisine, where it is mainly used as a side dish for stews and meat. It’s a very nourishing pasta variety, low in carbohydrates and easy to prepare – which makes it a popular dish especially near Ramadan. Obtaining the perfect, fluffy couscous is considered an art in Moroccan cuisine, where it is also used in preparing traditional desserts.

Harrira soup

Harrira is a rich and spicy soup characteristic for Moroccan cuisine. The main ingredients used in the preparation of Harrira are veal or lamb meat, lentils, onion, tomatoes, as well as spices like cinnamon and paprika. This is another dish associated with the religious holyday Ramadan, but unlike couscous which is kind of casual casual harrira is a complex, festive dish.


by cecilegeng

Tagine or tajine is actually the name of a ceramic pot used in North African cookery. With a conic cover that forms an almost hermetic container, the Moroccan tagine is a true melting pot of aromas. The meat cooked in the tagine becomes very tender and fragrant, as a result to the various spices, vegetables and even fruits added inside.


If you are a fan of the chicken pot pie or the steak pie you’ll be delighted to discover this Moroccan delicacy. Basically a meat pie, pastille or bastille is made with multi-layer dough and spicy mince meat. Many Moroccans regard pastilla as their national food, so don’t say no to this mouthwatering combination.


There aren’t enough words to praise Moroccan desserts: they represent the cherry of the top when speaking of Moroccan cuisine. Ktefa combines traditional Moroccan pastry with almonds and custard, resulting in several layers of divine sweetness. The orange flower water gives this dessert its unique taste.

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