Most famous Moroccan souks

souk in Morocco

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Souks are one of the best things you can experience during your visit to Morocco. These traditional North African markets follow a tradition which might be several millennia old, yet in the same time they are cosmopolitan and full of color.

A Moroccan souk is an attraction in itself, but it also can be o great place to buy souvenirs and traditional products. Here you can find the most diverse products, from hand made ceramics and clothes to mountains of spices and fresh food. Here’s a list of popular souks you might want to visit in your next trip to Morocco:


Marrakesh is a very popular destination in Morocco, so no wonder that its souks are so busy. Some would even say that its historic souks are the no.1 attraction in Morocco. Souks can be found all over Marrakesh’ historic center – Medina – but they are usually grouped according to the merchandise they trade: clothes, spices, leather accessories, pottery etc. In the very heart of Marrakesh’ commercial area you will find the Djemma el Fna square, a lively square famous for its street entertainers, such as musicians, dancers and snake charmers. One important reason not to miss a visit to Marrakesh souks is that this is one of the best places to buy authentic Berber merchandise (think of the famous Breber rugs).


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A major city in Morocco, Fes is great for shopping and bargaining at the market, although its souks are not as big, nor as busy, as those in Marrakesh. Fes is best choice if you look for a certain type of products, especially leather and gold jewelry. Kissaria is the commercial center of Fes – but don’t expect to find escalators and air conditioning here. The narrow streets and multitude of shops and stalls make it look similar to an urban maze, but one which is far from scary.

souk in Morocco

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Although Rabat seems to be less appealing to visitors than the picturesque Marrakesh, this coastal city near Casablanca is a fabulous shopping destination. Unlike the previously mentioned Moroccan souks, Rabat has quite a small and compact commercial district. You will find more or less the same products in Rabat’s souks: spices, oils, dried fruits, copper work, jewelry, local potter. If you happen to visit Rabat don’t miss the occasion to stroll through an authentic souk, where locals shop along tourists. You might even learn some bargaining tricks and secrets if you stay there long enough!


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