Most Dangerous African Animals

So far, many of the posts on this blog had more or less to do with Africa’s unrivaled wildlife safaris. Despite their considerable costs and the relative amount of risk, safaris continue to increase their popularity among tourists – which is kind of understandable, considering the unique opportunities that arise from such an experience.
African nature is simply amazing and having the chance to see a lion, elephant or gorilla in their natural habitat is worth all the money and effort. What it doesn’t worth, however, is your life. People are often so thrilled at seeing all the extraordinary wildlife around them that they forget they are not at the zoo. Therefore, each year safari rides end up reporting fatalities and what was meat as an adventure becomes a family’s tragedy.
This doesn’t mean that a safari is a dangerous activity; just that animals should always be approached with great precaution: they are wild beasts, not pets. It doesn’t worth risking your life for a close snap of a leopard. With these precautions in mind, I thought I might make an inventory of the most dangerous African animals:


by cheetah100

The greatest danger about hippos is their unthreatening look: people believe these creatures to be very docile and often make the mistake of getting to close. But hippos never joke when their territory or even a baby’s live is at stake. Their hit is so strong, they can even kill a crocodile.

Cape Buffalo

by maureen lunn

Just like hippos, buffaloes are usually regarded as lazy, harmless herbivores. Unfortunately for the humans approaching them, buffaloes can run really fast and have huge horns. The victims of buffaloes are usually hunters but buffalo mamas with babies are dangerous for anyone who might seem as a threat to them.


Elephants are known to have been tamed so many people regard them as friendly and playful. Well, this might apply for elephants from cartoons but not for those living in the African bush. These can be very dangerous animals, attacking even the people who were in their presence for a long time. They are unpredictable and can suddenly become an unleashed force of nature.

Nile Crocodile

The crocodile is among the few animals that will actually treat humans as food. And considering they crocodiles can be found everywhere in Africa where there is a river of big body of water, it’s no wonder they cause so many casualties every year. Crocodiles can kill even if not provoked, so the best defense against then is to be very, very attentive.


by bill allen1

This wild and majestic member of the cat family has been glorified by humans since ancient times. Lions are strong and agile but they are by no means noble: they are wild animals who don’t hesitate to kill a human.

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