Most Beautiful South African Cities

While most people would think ‘football’ and ‘wildlife safaris’ when they hear about South Africa, the city scape in this blessed country is equally fascinating. The most interesting characteristic of South African cities is that several of them serve as the country’s capital. There’s an administrative capital, a legislative capital and even a judicial capital. The major South African cities are a blend of modernity and traditionalism, with a strong multicultural feel. Here European spirit and the culture of African tribes have finally learned how to co-exist, giving birth to some of the most beautiful South African cities.


by norrebrogade

Durban is probably the most underestimated of all major South-African cities. Durban lies on the Indian Ocean coast, in the eastern part of the country. Its geographic position makes Durban one of the most pleasant places to live in: here, temperatures rarely go below 15 degrees Celsius. Beaches are the most important touristic attraction in Durban, but there are plenty of sports and entertainment facilities across the city, not to mention the fact that the port of Durban is the main gateway towards the fascinating Kawa-Zulu Natal.

Port Elisabeth

Just like Durban, Port Elisabeth is a top holiday destination. In addition to lovely beaches, Port Elisabeth also benefits from perfect breeze and waves, which allow the practice of almost all water sports, from windsurfing to diving. Similar to most South-African cities, Port Elisabeth is just within miles from the African wilderness, so don’t miss the elephant reservation in Addo.


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Pretoria is probably the third best known city, after Cape Town and Johannesburg. But unlike the modern, industrial Johannesburg, Pretoria hasn’t lost its colonial charm. You can still visit the three German Forts, which used to guard the city. There are lots of historic buildings scattered around the city center, as well as a nice botanical garden.

Cape Town

by garybembridge

Despite its huge popularity, I just had to include Cape Town among the most beautiful African cities. Cape Town lies at almost the southernmost extremity of the African continent, right where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. With plenty of galleries, museums, shopping centers and monuments, Cape Town has something to offer for every tourist. The picturesque waterfront of Cape Town has attracted the interest of artists and photographers worldwide, as well as the marine which is easily observable in the bays around Cape Town. Outdoorsy persons will love a hike up Table Mountain and or a day of laziness and relaxation on one of its top beaches.

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