Luxury travel in South Africa

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Whether it business or pleasure that brings to to South Africa, and no matter if you are interested in exploring its wilderness areas or its vibrant coastal cities, remember that you’ll also have the option to upgrade to a luxury package. I mean, if you took all the trouble to travel to this distant – but otherwise absolutely stunning country, why not pay a bit more and get the full experience? Plus, no matter how new and fascinating everything looks, having all the comfort and pampering of a luxury hotel can only enhance your experience. My brief guide to luxury travel in South Africa will thus look at the country luxury hotels, restaurant and travel packages:

Luxury Hotels in South Africa

You can find a variety of luxury and boutique hotels in South Africa’s major cities. Cape Town has a fine selection of luxurious guest houses and small boutique hotels for the pretentious travelers: Atlantic House, Beaumont House or Kensington Place are just a few examples.

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Taj and Mount Nelson are among the oldest and most respectable five-star hotels in Cape Town. So are the Westcliff and Hyatt Regency in Johannesburg. Some truly unique and classy hotels can also be found in resorts like Sun City or across the Kwa-Zulu country.

Luxury dining South Africa

Luxury dining is readily available in cities like Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg. However, for a plus of authenticity, i would recommend traveling to one of South-Africa’s famous wine regions. Towns like Constantia, Franschhoek or Stellenbosch will welcome you in their locally owned restaurants, where fresh fruits, meats and vegetables are prepared according to the latest techniques. And what can finish a nice meal and a lovely excursion through rural South Africa better than a glass of sweet South African wine?

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Luxury game lodges and safaris South Africa

It would be definitely be worth taking a safari trip while traveling through South Africa: after all, the country has few rivals in terms of biodiversity. Here you are faced with two options: you can either pick a nice safari or game lodge offering daily trips, or book one of the several-days long safari trips.

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No matter what your choice, Thanda Private Game Reserve, Nngala Game Reserve near Kruger National Park or the Fairmont Zimbali lodge. Luxury safari trips are offered by various operators in and outside South Africa: they include your private guide and 4X4 vehicle, overnight staying at some deluxe safari lodge – or, in some cases, a fully equipped tent.

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