Luxury Travel Africa

African Luxury CruiseAfrica is for certain not a first option when it comes to luxury travel – with its deep jungles, huge deserts and third world economies, Africa seems rather adventurous than glamorous and pampering. Paradoxically, the underdevelopment countries and enormous distances make Africa less affordable than Europe or the United States. This is why, when speaking of luxury travel in Africa, one must reconsider one’s definition of luxury. Yes: candles, hot tubs and room service are fine, but this is something you can get in your own country. On the other hand, driving an off-road vehicle through the bush and watching lions and giraffes represents a once in a lifetime experience – the kind that makes all the money. Considering the necessary guidance and equipment, a safari is itself a luxury vacation.

Tours and Cruises

Africa ToursDepending on the particular species you want to watch: lions, gorillas, elephants, crocodiles etc, you can choose among various countries and climate zones. The cost of such an adventure can vary a lot depending on the type of accommodation, the length of your staying or the extra excitement you are willing to pay for. Some of the best countries to experience a safari are Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa. For the sake of the outdoorsy natures, it worth mentioning that the African continent can offer some of the best river cruising and rafting experiences in the world. Cruising the world’s longest and most legendary river, the Nile, will take you to the roots of the Egyptian civilization. The numerous waterfalls might not make the Zambezi river fully navigable, but watching the majestic Victoria falls is worth all the effort.
As for the northern and southern extremities of the continent, here luxury takes whole new dimensions. From the mysterious Marrakesh to the hidden treasures of the Nile, North African nations can offer the most refined dishes and most exquisite lodges. On the other hand, South African beaches, especially those from the Indian Ocean, are some of the finest in the world. So whether you prefer the history-infused Mediterranean or the exotic Indian Ocean, you won’t be lacking luxurious hotels, nor fine restaurants and international cuisine.

Exotic Islands

Luxury Island VacationsAnother dimension of luxury travel in Africa is represented by the numerous groups of exotic islands scattered around the Indian Ocean. Among these, the Mauritius and Seychelles archipelagos are probably the most famous. The mix of cultures and ethnic groups give these small islands a particular charm, while the fact that they are relatively isolated make them the perfect honey moon destination. And if you come to think of it, what more could you ask from a luxury vacation than having your own private bungalow near a fine sand beach, and swimming in a crystal clear water whose temperature seldom goes under 25 ºC?

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