Interesting Facts about the Red Sea

by giladrOne of the most interesting and often underestimated natural assets of Africa is the Red Sea. Located in the north-eastern part of the continent, the Red Sea is actually a huge body of water separating Asia and Africa. Egypt, Sudan and South Arabia are the tree countries with the largest opening to the Red Sea, and from these three Egypt seems to have been the most active in building resorts and maximizing the touristic potential of this unique sea. This is why many people associate the red Sea with the Egyptian all-inclusive resorts, but affordable beach vacations is not everything this sea is about. There are some really interesting facts about the Red Sea that future vacationers might be pleased to find out:

Rocks, mountains and fossils

One of the reasons why the Red Sea is such a spectacular place to be is its neighboring with the mountains. These arid ranges are part of the so called Eastern Desert. The mountains are made of limestone and sandstone and create a lovely contrast at sunset and sunrise, when they turn pink or orange, depending on the moment of the day.

If you look carefully to the rock and stones formation near the beach you might observe some interesting shapes. Many of them are actually formed from dead sea animals, so don’t be amazed if you find a shell incrusted in stone or some shapes suggesting a crustacean.

Corals and mangroves

by giladr

The Red Sea is one of the warmest and saltiest large bodies of water on Earth. But despite the heat and aridity, it displays an amazing biodiversity. Those willing to dive into the waters of the Red Sea will discover the most colorful and exotic sea creatures swimming among the rich corals. There are lots of areas around the coast which are protected due to the mangrove vegetation and the aquatic bird species it may host. The eco-systems of the Red Sea are indeed fascinating and it is really worth exploring.

Lighthouses and Ship Wrecks

by alexbrn

The Red Sea has been known to humans and explored since Antiquity. The ancient Egyptians knew their way around the sea quite well and they were also the first to map the sea and build the first lighthouses. You can spot out these interesting constructions all around the Red Sea – some of them might be quite old. The bottom of the sea is also full of surprises: several ship wrecks are knows to attract divers from all over the world: Ulysses, Carnatic and Thistlegorm are just a few examples.

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