Ideas for an Active African Holiday

whitewater rafting

Rafting ©Martijn.Munneke/Flickr

With its wast plains, jungles and deserts, and huge uninhabited areas, Africa is an ideal active vacation destination. There are countless ways to turn your African vacation into a really memorable one.

For example, you can take a trip through Sahara, learn how to surf in Morocco or go in a wildlife safari. You could also choose to work as volunteer and join one of the numerous organizations that do charity work in Africa. Here’s our list with ideas for an active African holiday:

Kilimanjaro Expeditions

If you are a keen hiker, than you couldn’t possibly miss the opportunity to climb Africa’s tallest mountain. Rising 5,895 m above the sea level, Kilimanjaro is tall enough to have its summit covered in permanent snows, despite its closeness to the Equator. There are several tracks that can take you up to the summit, some more spectacular than others – you can discuss these with your guide. The ascent can take up to a week, and during your trip you can observe the incredible diversity of plant species that live here, which are specific to various climate zones and altitudes.

summit camp

Kilimanjaro expedition © Stig Nygaard/Flickr

Tracking the Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are strong, compassionate, intelligent, and, most of all they are highly endangered. Deforestation and poaching have reduced their species to just a few hundred individuals. The encounter with these intelligent primates is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Expert guides will take you through the forests of Rwanda to track the mountain gorillas. Getting a glimpse of these rare animals is the kind of experience to tell your grandchildren, but even if this is not the case, a trip through the jungle can be quite fun and adventurous.

gorilla closeup

Mountain Gorilla ©gLangille/Flickr

Rafting on Zambezi

The river Zambezi is one that forms the spectacular Victoria Falls, but also Africa’s prime rafting destination. The rapids on Zambezi river are legendary, and said to offer you one of the most thrilling whitewater rafting experience ever. Trips can last from several hours to several days, depending on your availability. In addition to being such an awesome rafting destination, the river Zambezi is also a route into Africa’s wilderness. Those who embark in one of the slower rafting trips which are organized in the lower part of the river will have a better chance to admire the various animals and plant species on their way. Lastly, the Zambezi Delta is spectacular, being home to much-sought for species such as lions and crocodiles, but also numerous birds and butterflies.

whitewater rafting

Rafting on Zambezi ©Martijn.Munneke/Flickr

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