Guide to Visiting Victoria Falls

by sara&joachim

If you decided to have a go at the Victoria Falls, then I’m sure you won’t need me to tell you just how spectacular or unique the falls on Zambezi River are. While it’s matter whether these waterfalls are the biggest or the most impressive in the world in still unsettled (might be a matter of taste and disposition, just as well), one thing is certain: Victoria Falls are one of the world’s greatest natural wonders and quite and inspired vacation destination. Just how sublime or adventurous your trip to the Victoria Falls is difficult to predict, but one brief guide to visiting the Victoria Falls might be of great help in planning your trip. Here you can find some useful information on when to travel, where to find accommodation and what kind of activities are available at Victoria Falls:

When to Visit the Falls

by sara&joachim

Practically, any time of the year is good for visiting the Victoria Falls. In countries like Zambia and Zimbabwe where the falls are situated, there are just two season: a hot and rainy one and a less hot and dry season. During the rainy season which more or less corresponds to the European summer, the Falls reach their maximum debit, but might be hard to admire and photograph due to the small water drops in the air that form a aura-like mist around the falls. On the other hand, the dry season will offer you better views, but the falls ‘thundering’ might not be as impressive.

Accommodation around the Falls

Finding accommodation is usually not a problem when it comes to such a popular destination. Both Zambia and Zimbabwe offer a wide selection of hotels and guest houses, from the luxurious spa hotels to the more modest but equally pleasing African style lodges. You might also want to check out one of the safari lodges in the area, which means that you’ll get to enjoy both the falls and the wildlife in the area in one shot.

Activities at Victoria Falls

by garybambridge

One you’re tired of staring at the whole Zambezi River falling into the rift, you might be wondering what activities are available round the Falls. Well, adrenaline addicts will be delighted to find out that kayaking, bungee jumping and zip wiring activities are popular in the area, as well as white-water rafting on the amazing Zambezi River. There are also some less extreme options, like safari trips, golf, swimming, river cruising and fishing.


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