Guide to Serengeti National Park

by El Toñio

This is not the first time we mention or feature Serengeti National Park in Tanzania on our blog. But the park is so unique in its unspoiled wilderness and hosts such an incredible number of animals that one cannot afford to miss it. Allegedly the  most popular attraction in Tanzania, Serengeti is closely connected with another of Africa’s big parks, the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. However, in today’s guide to Serengeti National Park I will only concentrate on some basic facts about where, how and when to visit this amazing place.

Best time to visit

A great thing about Sarengeti and this part of Tanzania is that, being so close to the equator, temperatures tend to be constant; and, what’s most important, you won’t experience the torrid summers in North Africa or the sub-Saharan region. However, avoid visiting the Serengeti in April or May: this is the rainy season in Tanzania and not the best time to take a National Geographic worthy picture of a lion.

Getting there

by El Toñio

People travelling to Serengeti usually can choose between two options: either fly to Nairobi (Kenya) and find their way from there, either landing on the Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania. If you pre-booked a safari tour, than maybe you can arrange to be picked up from Arusha, which is the closest city to the park.


Accommodation varies a lot in this part of the world. However, considering that its wildlife is the main attraction in Serengeti, and that a true safari trip usually involves traveling for several days through the bush, the two types of accommodation you are likely to encounter are safari lodges and tents. The good news for luxury seekers is that you can go all the way up to the lounge and swimming pool type of facilities, even in the case of a campsite.

What to see and how

by El Toñio

…wildlife and amazing nature everywhere you look. As you most likely know already, Serengeti together with the Maasai Mara offer one of the greatest shows on earth: the wildebeest migration. Over one million of herbivores will travel north in the more dry months, and together with them will travel predators like lions or hyenas. The usual way to experience all this is by booking a safari trip. These are widely available in Serengeti and will guide you through the best places for wildlife and bird watching. There are also the best option to keep you safe – after all, we’re dealing with true wilderness here.

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