Guide to Fine Dining in Seychelles

dining in Seychelles

dinner at Boathouse Restaurant ©TheLastResorts/Flickr

Where luxury resorts and heavenly beaches create the ideal holiday conditions, good food couldn’t have missed, either. The islands of Seychelles are home to some of the most fabulous tropical beaches, but also a place where you can find some of the finest restaurants in this part of the world.

Seychelles’s gourmet restaurants owe their existence to the numerous luxury resorts that have developed on the island, but also on the brilliant combination of French and Creole cuisines. Our guide to fine dining in Seychelles presents you some of the best restaurants on the island:

Creole Food

While many restaurants in Seychelles serve Creole food, there are a handful of restaurants on the islands that make Creole cuisine an art. If you ever find yourself on the island of Praslin, then you should look out for Creole restaurants such as La Gouloue, Tante Mimi or Le Château de Feuilles. Some popular Creole restaurants on Mahé island include Chez Plume and Boathouse Cafe; Anse Soileil is also a good alternative, and they serve burgers, too. La Digue island is home to some really nice restaurants as well, such as Loutier Coco or Chez Marston.

dining in Seychelles

dinner at Boathouse Restaurant ©TheLastResorts/Flickr

International Food

Like any touristic destination, Seychelles does not lack the usual Chinese, Thai, Italian or French restaurants. While quite a few restaurants will serve a diversity of dishes belonging to various cuisines, you will also find plenty of restaurants that specialize in one cuisine only, such as Indian or Chinese. Cafe Oganibar is a popular Praslin hangout that serves both Creole and Chinese dishes. The Hilltop Restaurant and Cafe Lazare offer a very wide range of International, Chinese, Indian and Chinese dishes. The Safforn Restaurant is famous for its exquisite Thai food. For the best Italian desserts, you can choose between La Perle Noire or Gelateri de Luca. As one of Seychelles’ most praised restaurants, Cafe des Arts features and international menu, accompanied by excellent views of the surrounding beach and sea.


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Seafood restaurants

Although seafood is present in most restaurants’ menus, you might be wondering where you can find the freshest, finest seafood on the island. Well, we’ve already mentioned Bonbon Plume, which also happens to serve some of the most delicious crab and lobster dishes on the island. The Sundown Restaurant is popular with seafood-loving locals and tourists alike. The Boathouse Buffet is also worth checking out for its simple and always fresh fish and seafood dishes.

Seychelles food

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