Guide to budget accommodation in Seychelles

by Scarygami

A destination worthy of a future king and queen, the Seychelles are best known for their pleasant climate, tranquil waters and superb beaches. Situated off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, this archipelago came to be associated with luxurious beach vacations, where picture perfect nature, privacy, five star amenities and the hospitality of the locals create the ideal combination. But don’t feel discouraged: the beauty of Seychelles is not entirely reserved for the rich and famous: with smart planning and some determination, anyone can enjoy a vacation in Seychelles. In my guide to budget accommodation in Seychelles I will share with you a few tricks:

Types of accommodation in Seychelles


Seychelles can pride on some of the best luxury resorts and villas in the world. But they are far from the only type of accommodation available in Seychelles. With tourism growing very rapidly, many of the locals decide to use their entrepreneurial spirits and open their own guest houses or bed-and-breakfast inns. With charming French names like Le Surmer, Les Delices de L’Ocean or Hotel La Cuvette, these orivately owned guest houses will offer rooms for as little as 50 euro. Deciding to stay in one of the Cajun guesthouses might be the best way to taste the island’s culture – and, most importantly, its cuisine. Another choice is represented by the mid-range hotels that can be found in the main touristic destinations like Mahe and La Digue, like Chez Bijoux, Armony Residence or Chez Nora. Self-catering is another money-saving option for Seychelles visitors, especially those planning to be there for a long time or families with children.

Budget destinations in Seychelles


Mahe, La Digue and Praslin are the three most popular islands/destinations in Seychelles. The great advantage about these popular places is that they usually provide many options. However, like on most islands and holiday resorts, prices vary a lot with location. Ocean-view villas and rooms tend to be the most expensive, so if you are willing to walk 5 minutes to the beach you might be able to save up to a couple of hundred euros.  Inland hotels and guesthouses might be even cheaper; a location like this can have multiple advantages though. First of all, you’re likely to enjoy more privacy. Secondly, the mountainous areas of Seychelles are very nice and too often neglected by tourists: the lush vegetation and numerous species of tropical flowers will give your holiday a plus of exoticism.


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