Guide for shopping in Morocco

With all the bazaars and medinas in Morocco, there will be plenty of opportunities to buy first quality souvenirs during your visit in this exotic North African Country. If you ever thought about adding some exotic clothes to your wardrobe or redecorating your house, Morocco is the perfect place to start. Cities like Fez and Marrakech offer countless possibilities for shopping – and here I mean not only cheap souvenirs, but also high quality products and crafts.
When it comes to writing a guide for shopping in Morocco, it’s not a matter of where and how, but a matter of what. There will be stores and street inviting you in at almost every corner in Morocco. However, the first step for a rewarding shopping experience is knowing what Morocco has to offer:


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Most tourists are totally charmed by the beauty of Moroccan pottery used in cooking (like tagine) or for serving food and beverages. Some of the finest pottery is to be found in Fez, where the famous Fez clay is to be found. As for the products which result from this precious variety of clay, they include everything from mugs and pots to sophisticated tile fountains.


Morocco wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the Berber carpets. With their bright colors and complicated patterns, these carpets represent true pieces of art. If you buy them for a certified shop you will be amazed by the quality of the materials used: 100% pure wool, hand made to perfection by the skilled berbers.


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It would be a pity to leave Morocco without making a nice provision of its mouth-watering and eye-enchanting spices. You’ll find the most diverse selection of spices and dried fruit on Moroccan markets, anything from the common cinnamon sticks to the rare and expensive saffron.

Recycled crafts

Moroccan craftsmen can be very inventive and resourceful sometimes. One of the most interesting goods you can but from Morocco are the crafts made of recycled tires. These are usually baskets, boxed and frames of different sizes: buying them will not only mean that you helped the environment, but you’ll also get a very interesting object for display.

Copper and Metal Work

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Moroccan women have a special method of pouring the hot tea from their tall, elegant copper tea pots that will most certainly make you want to own one of these utensils. Fortunately, beautiful copper tea sets, plates and silverware are widely available in Morocco. Moroccans are very talented at crafting the most diverse objects from metal, so if you find a workshop or jewelry maker just step inside as you will definitely find some interesting things.

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