Fun Facts About Lemurs in Madagascar

Most people don’t know anything about Madagascar except for the fact that it is inhabited by singing lemurs (that assuming they saw the Madagascar movie, of course). Unfortunately, even though there really are such animals on the island, they cannot sing and they are also highly endangered.
Lemurs are very old and interesting animal species. Because Madagascar, which is a big island off the coast of Africa, has remained isolated for thousands and thousands of years, its flora and fauna became very unique. Many of the species in Madagascar are very, very old and are only to be found here (very much like the case of Australia.)
Lemurs are thus very important and very interesting to observe, not to mention they represent a major touristic attraction for Madagascar. I hope you will enjoy these fun facts about lemurs in Madagascar:

How Did Lemurs End Up in Madagascar?

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This is a very interesting question. The lemurs are supposed to have arrived on Madagascar some thousands of years ago, on naturally made rafts. Throughout the years, other species of bigger, more intelligent monkeys have prevailed over lemurs so they become extinct on the continent. On Madagascar, however, lemurs thrived in the absence of big predators.

Some Interesting Lemur Habits

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From an evolutionary perspective, lemurs are considered to be more ancestral than gorillas and chimps. What makes them really special among primates is that they are only active during the night. Lemurs leave up in the trees and they feed on plants, insects and small animals.
One really interesting fact about lemurs is the existence of matriarchy (this means that women, and not mean, hold the power in society). Lemurs are not very aggressive compared to other primates: even though they do fight for territory or for supremacy in a group, they do this by secreting odors from some special glands.
As I said before, unfortunately lemurs don’t sing but they do make all kinds of interesting sounds. These are used to communicate with their group and announce possible dangers.

The Future of Lemurs

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The future of lemurs is, unfortunately, quite uncertain. Since men arrived in Madagascar, numerous lemur varieties have gone extinct, and the surviving ones become less numerous every year. Several conservation areas have been created in the recent years in Madagascar in order to preserve these beautiful animals. However, human presence continues to be the most serious threat for lemurs.

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