Fun activities in Madagascar

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Sailing in Madagascar ©Olivier Lejade/Flickr

The biggest island off the African coast, Madagascar represents a land of natural wonders. With numerous endemic species, Madagascar is a biologist’s heaven, but the common folks will appreciate the island just as much for its superb beaches and wast wilderness areas. Madagascar is well known as the country of lemurs and chameleons, but these interesting animals are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Madagascar’s bio diversity. There are many things to explore iN Madagascar, and just as many interesting activities – just check out these fun activities in Madagascar:

Nature walks

Madagascar has over 50 natural reserves, parks and protected areas. Together, they account for a considerable percentage of the island’s surface. Many of these parks are home to unique species, and offer guided hiking and walking tours for visitors. Some popular wildlife watching destinations are Andasibe National Park (several lemur species), Nosi Mangabe Island (birds, lemurs, chameleons) or Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve (fabulous for bird watching).

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Madagascar bird ©Frank.Vassen/Flickr

Whale spotting

The coastal waters of Madagascar are a well-known breeding location for the humpback whales. The whales arrive here in early summer to give birth and nourish their offspring in the warm waters of Ste Marie Channel. Between June and September there will be daily whale spotting excursions to Ste Marie island, all you have to do is be there in the morning and have your camera ready for an amazing encounter with the world’s largest mammals.


Madagascar can be a fabulous destination for both trained and wannabe sailors. Actually, if you want to visit any of Madagascar’s nearby islands, many of which host precious natural wonders (like unique species of lemurs or orchids), sailing cannot be avoided. Booking a yacht trip is the best way to admire the beautiful coastline of Madagascar, relax and maybe try your skills at sailing.

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Sailing in Madagascar ©Olivier Lejade/Flickr


Snorkeling in Madagascar can be both fun and instructive. The underwater fauna of Madagascar is quite diverse, however considering the size of the island you should aim for an area with shallow waters. The best places for snorkeling are the coral reefs in the south-west, as well as the smaller islands Nosy-Be and Ste Marie.


This might come as a surprise, but Madagascar has one of the best fishing spots in Africa – no wonder that whales like it here! The reason why fish is still abundant in Madagascar waters is because there is little pollution, and also because industrial fishing is not so developed here. Fishing in Madagascar is easy, just book your trip or rent your boat and be ready to fill your bucket.

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Fishermen in Madagascar by NH53/Flickr

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