Famous People from South Africa

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The history and South Africa certainly has its ups and downs, but right now we mostly think of the South African nation as a warm place with great nature and good football. No matter how we look at South Africa, the first word that comes to mind is diversity: the country benefits form an extremely diverse geography and wildlife, and is inhabited by a great diversity of cultures. There are still a lot of things to be discovered and explored in this country, which is why it makes such a great touristic destination. A first step into knowing this great culture would be to know a little bit about these famous people from South Africa:

Charlize Theron

It’s quite hard to go unnoticed when you are such a gorgeously looking woman like Charlize Theron. But in addition to great looks, this South African born Hollywood actress was also blessed with a lot of talent. So no wander that she was among the first South Africans to receive an Academy Award.

Nelson Madela

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For many South Africans, Nelson Mandela is far more than a former president: he is a living legend and a true hero. Nelson Mandela lived much of his lifetime in dissidence and political prison, until finally emerging as a great human rights activist and skilled statesman. For his outstanding career defending human rights, Mandela received a Nobel Prize for Peace.

Miriam Makeba

Speaking of activism, Miriam Makeba was probably one of the best known civil rights activists in a country which used to be divided by racism and discrimination. Apart from her political career, Miriam Makeba is also one of the best singers and artists of South Africa. And since we are talking about prizes here, let me just mention that Miriam Makeba was also awarded with a Grammy.

John Maxwell Coetzee

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So far we had an Oscar, a Grammy and a Nobel. Another Nobel, this time for literature, was awarded writer J M Coetzee. Coetzee, another brilliant South African, is the author of a series of successful novels, but also a respected translator and literary critic. He has very few public apparitions and is currently residing in Australia.

Lyndon Ferns

South Africa also has its world-famous sportsmen and sportswomen: the name Lyndon Ferns usually pops into one’s mind whenever talking about South African Sports. One of the best swimmers of the moment Lyndon won the Olympic Gold in 2004 and is also a world record holder.

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