Family Attractions in Cape Town

Let’s face it: Cape Town is not a popular destination among family owners, who might prefer a well-secured beach resort or a visit to a theme park to this distant South African City. Which is quite sad, considering that Cape Town can be a great source of fun for families, not matter if they are interested in wildlife, shopping or museums. There are numerous sights and activities that might count as family attractions in Cape Town. And the great thing about all these is that you’ll be able to enjoy both the commodities of a big city and the diversity of Africa’s fabulous nature. Here are some possible destinations for families visiting Cape Town:

Table Mountain and Vicinities

by randy OHC

Table Mountain is the heart and soul of Cape Town. It’s the city’s most persistent symbol and a whole universe to explore for those willing to spend a day in nature. For families with small children or reluctance to hike, there is a cable car taking visitors to a panorama point. Hikers and walkers can choose one of the numerous pathways or pay a visit to Kirstenborsch Botanical Garden. This top rated garden, with over 500 hectares of exotic flora contains some very rare plant species to be admired, not to mention the therapeutic effect of walking through the beautiful flowers.

Cheetah Outreach

by bohemianism

Cheetahs are elegant, powerful felines living in the African bush. There are much admired for their speed and the beautiful patterns on their skin. But the cheetah is also one of the most endangered species in Africa. Hence the decision of the Cheetah Outreach founders to create a place where people could learn more about these animals and even touch them for a small fee.

Two Oceans and Aquarium

The city of Cape Town is situated at the confluence of two oceans: the Atlantic and the Indian ocean, hence the name of the city’s aquarium. The aquarium included permanent exhibits (tanks) containing flora and fauna specific to each of the two oceans, as well as a very interactive kids centre.

Boulders Beach

by GOC53

You might consider a boulder beach to be a really dull place, especially when compared to the fabulous beaches in the Cape Town area. However, the presence of a certain animal makes this beach a major Cape Town attraction. Hundreds of penguins from the South Pole arrive on this beach every year, to the delight of the tourists.

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