Exotic Winter Escapes in Africa

by tim copeland-world

Even though this winter hasn’t hit a very hard yet, shorter and shorter days and close to 0 temperatures are hardly an invitation to go outside. Daydreaming about summer is how most of us go through winter after all, so why not make your dreams come true and plan an exotic winter escape in Africa, for example?

With most of its northern half covered by the Sahara Desert and the other half in the Southern hemisphere, Africa enjoys plenty of sun and warmth while Europe and North America are covered in ice and snow. There are plenty of beautiful places one might choose as a winter holiday destinations, and, luckily, most of them include you packing a swim suit:


The Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert are the two major geographic features of Botswana. This country is the southern part of Africa experiences the rainy season from November to April, meaning that weather can be either unbearably hot, or it can be raining cats and dogs. However, the boreal winter is the best time to visit the fascinating Okavango Delta, with its hundreds of species of aquatic birds.

South Africa

Different parts of South Africa might experience a different distribution of rainy and sunny days during the austral summer, but the area around Cape Town was blessed with eternal spring. This is a great time to explore the buzzing and culturally stimulating Cape Town, adventure into the surrounding wilderness areas or try the waves on the many fantastic beaches.

Victoria Falls

by sntgmdm

As you might have guessed already, the rainy season is when the Victoria Falls reach the highest debit and are running at full speed. However, many people prefer them to visit during the dry season, which would be September to December. The water debit might be lower, but the falls are just as majestic, minus the risk of being surrounding in a cloud of dense mist and not being able to take a decent picture of this natural marvel!


by namobnat

The great thing with Namibia – well, at least from a selfish tourists’ perspective – is that it’s dry and shiny in most days of the year; this is one of the countries with record number of sunshine per year! This means you are free to visit all the unique attractions in this country, like the abundant wildlife in Etosha National Park, the eerie Skeleton Coast with its dusty wrecks and slide down the sand dunes at Sossusvlei.

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