Eco Travel in South Africa

Due to its incredible nature, South Africa has been listed as one of the top five tourist destinations in terms of biodiversity. The number of animals and plants that one can admire in South Africa’s game reserves is hard to imagine: practically, this blessed country has them all, from elephants to penguins.
As a favorite wildlife safari destination, South Africa is a leader on the African market in what concerns eco-tourism. In the recent years, sustainable tourism exploded, so now you can choose among a variety of hotels, lodges and tours, designed to fit all pockets. For those interested in eco travel in South Africa, here are a few possibilities:


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Camping is the easiest way to go green. You just need a tent, a decent amount of cans and the ability to make a fire. While many would consider camping in South Africa as too risky of a business, you should know that the country offers several hundred camping and caravan sites, which you can find in most tourist destinations. Amenities vary from very basic to first-class (huge tents with their own bed and bathroom).

Traditional Lodging

Many villages and farms will be happy to host you while traveling through South Africa. This is a great way to encourage the local economy and get to know people better – maybe even make some lifetime friends. You have to remember though that South Africa is a very diverse country, so you can find anything from a straw hut to a colonial villa.

Budget to Middle Range Lodges

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Booking a tour or safari trip will probably get you around one of the many game lodges. Most of these facilities offer great views of the jungle and very authentic feel, while providing all the 21st century commodities like bathroom, internet, landline phone. Many of them have names like the Bushlands Game Lodge or Intibane Game Ranch, but others might surprise you with their originality like the Zululand Tree Lodge. Those traveling on a budget might opt for self-catered accommodation as well.

Splurge Eco Lodges

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If you are ready to indulge yourself with a luxury safari travel package, be ready to expect such facilities like guided 4X4 bush tours, delicious African meals, luxurious wooden lodges and a nice spa session at night. A good place to look for such exclusive locations is Kruger National Park (South Africa’s most visited national park). You might as well expect 4 to 5 digit fees…

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