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A major safari destination in Southern Africa, Botswana is mostly popular with adventure-seekers and nature lovers. The country is home to abundant wildlife, which can be easily found in well-known national parks such as Chobe or Okavango Delta.

Overall, Botswana is home to an impressive number of national parks and protected areas. So tourists visiting Botswana can choose between a variety of habitats, from desert-like areas to fertile grasslands. In today’s post, we’ll try to tell you about some less known Botswana attractions, which are just perfect for the more adventurous of travelers:

Savuti Game Reserve

Savuti Game Reserve might not enjoy the same popularity as Chobe National Park or Okavango Delta, but those who adventure off the beaten path and travel here won’t regret it. The reserve is particularly known for its predator species: this is one of the places with the most numerous lion population in Botswana, but in addition to lions you can also see jackals, cheetahs or hyenas. Where there are predators, there will also be herbivores, so expect to spot elephants, buffaloes, giraffes and all kinds of bird species.

Botswana game

Male Nyala ©alcuin/Flickr

Makgadikgadi Pans Game Reserve

The most outstanding feature of this area of Botswana is represented the vast salt plains. Thousands of years ago, the salt pans were nothing but the seabed of an ancient body of water. Today, water is rather scarce in the area and the landscape looks far from cheerful. But when the rainy season arrives, the place seems to undergo a miraculous transformation. The nature goes back to life, while herbivores and carnivores altogether arrive here in search of fresh water and food. But the most fascinating of visitors are by far the pink flamingos: they are present in such impressive numbers, that the earth’s surface turns pink.


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Tuli Block Reserve

In addition to its national parks and protected areas, Botswana also has a number of privately owned game reserves. The game reserves in southern Botswana form what is known as the Tuli Block. This is an area rich in game where you can enjoy a lot of privacy and some comfortable camps and lodges. The wildlife is very diverse here, and includes several hundreds species of birds – thus making Tuli Block an unbeatable destination for bird watching. Also, you are just hours away from South Africa, so if the time allows you, you can cross the border and visit some of the wonderful parks that can be found in the Northern part of South Africa.

Botswana game reserve

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