Best Things to Do in the Seychelles

scuba diving

diver in Seychelles ©Marion Doss/Flickr

With its picture-perfect beaches and eternal summer, the archipelago of Seychelles is a heavenly holiday destination that no one can say no to. And what more could you ask than a turquoise,  perfectly still ocean, a comfortable long chair and a refreshing drink at your side?

Well, much more, some could say. Laying on the beach and swimming in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean might be fun and relaxing, but they are not as thrilling as some might expect. Luckily, there is much more to do in Seychelles than sunbathing. Here are a few ideas:

Scuba Diving

There are endless possibilities for scuba diving in Seychelles. The natural conditions are very favorable for diving, with water temperature seldom dropping bellow 25 degrees Celsius and excellent visibility. Mahe, Praslin and La Digue islands all have their diving centers, but there will also be hotels and resorts who offer their guests diving equipment and instructors. Seychelles has experienced problems in the past with reef erosion, but even so there will be plenty to see, so make sure to include diving on your list of activities.

scuba diving

diver in Seychelles ©Marion Doss/Flickr


Fishing is a highly popular activity with Seychelles tourists. Seychelles waters are very rich and fish, and it is very easy to find a guide or a boat to take you off shore. Such fishing trips can very fun for beginner fishermen – don’t worry if you haven’t got the equipment, you can easily rental. But it is the professional fishermen that will be able to make the most of Seychelles’ fish-rich waters, as the island offers ideal conditions for game-fishing, fly fishing and bottom fishing.

seychelles fisherman

hand fishing in Seychelles ©tiarescott/Flickr

Hiking and Walking

The inland of Seychelles is just as fabulously beautiful as its beaches. There are numerous hiking trails in Seychelles, and few of them can be considered strenuous, so everyone with a passion for the outdoors can engage in this activity. Vacoa Nature Trail, Anse Major and Morne Blanc are some popular trails you can try, but Vallee de Mai is the one destination you cannot miss. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this beautiful and fertile valley is home to a unique Coco de Mer palm tree forest.


If you are not fond of walking, you can always take a sailing trip. Actually, sailing is one of the best things to do in the Seychelles if you want to see the rest the islands. Here also there will be plenty of options available: for example you can book a cruise around the islands, or rent a small yacht, or even take some sailing lessons.

lone sailing boat

sailing in Seychelles ©dibaer/Flickr

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