Best Surf Beaches in Africa

by brett l

Even though surfing is not traditionally part of the African culture, gorgeous beaches and perfect waves have called the attention of surfers world-wide, which is why surfing is now a popular sport in certain parts of the African continent. Morocco and South Africa are the two preferred destinations when it comes to surfing, partially because of their large openings at the Atlantic Ocean. However, certain Western African countries seem to have a great, and often undiscovered, potential for surfing. The next spots are commonly accepted as some of the best surf beaches in Africa:

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

First and most, I should mention that Jeffery’s Bay is actually not a beach, but a complex of beaches, much appreciated for their constant waves but also for their fine sand and scenic surroundings. Located in the proximity of Elisabeth Town, Jeffery’s Bay is the number one surfing destination in South Africa, and benefits from its own international surfing competition.

Anchor Point, Morocco

by glennharper

A widely popular surfing beach on the coast of Morocco, Anchor Point receives thousands of visitors every year, from professionals to wannabe surfers. Known for its long and consistent waves, Anchor Point can get really crowded in summer, so make sure you arrive there early!

N’Gor Island, Senegal

A few hundred miles south from Anchor Point, Senegal offers some really challenging surf spots. The story of N’Gor island started several decades ago, when it made the filming location of a popular surfer’s movie. More and more beginner surfers travel here every year, in an attempt to master the furry of the Atlantic.

Eland’s Bay, South Africa

It’s hard to compare all the great surfing spots in South Africa, which is why I felt like mentioning another South African beach. Eland’s Bay is easily accessible from Cape Town and a makes a great destination for the outgoing, backpacking surfer. A remote beach with few facilities and a very good vibe, Eland is great place to join those fabulous ‘sing and drink around the fire’ surfer communities you see in the movies.

Busua, Ghana

by peter blanchard

Ghana is famous for its football team, but who could have imagined that it could make such a great surfing destination? The town of Busua is slowly emerging as one of the best surfer beaches in Africa. With the promises of a surf camp, an equatorial, all year round warm climate and a unique natural setting, Busua might as well become a surfer’s paradise.

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